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How to find out the most followed person or brand?

Shane Atkins 6 years ago

After  searching on Google I came across ZoomSphere. This website is completely unique I’ve never seen anything like it before. The website lets you see who is the most followed person or brand on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,YouTube,Google+ and LinkedIn.You can also see who is the most influential person in your country by clicking on the Twitter on the drop down bar then by clicking on the metric then Klout.


Acroding to ZoomSphere.com the most followed Twitter user is Lady Ga Ga with 23,632,732 followers. With Justin Bieber with second highest amount of followers with 21,055,903 and finally Katy Perry in third place 18,629,402 Twitter followers. So the top three most followed Twitter users are musicians.




The new kid on the block Pinterest the bookmarking site with over 20 million users, may be new but it has some of the biggest brands and celebrity on it. The top Pinterest users are mostly female with only three males in the top ten.  Jane Wang is the most followed with 2,877,164  Jennifer Chung (pictured on right) is the second most followed but has gained the most amount of followers this month (April12) at  198,371.




Facebook  the largest social networking site on the entire internet with over 850 million users but who’s the most liked. Facebook’s  very  own page  is most liked with 66 million people clicking the like button to hear all the latest Facebook updates. The most followed person is  Eminem with 56 million but according to ZooSphere Rihanna will be the most liked person on Facebook by July 12th.


Shane Atkins

Hello! I want to show you how to get more traffic from blogging, and social media by helping you grow your subscribers and social influence by using a mix of best practices with trail and error. I'm going to be talking about blogging and social media a lot as I love them both :) Want to know more? Check out my about page.

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