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ZuckerBerg the Muscial

Shane Atkins 6 years ago

ZuckerBerg the Musical was created by CDZA they make new videos just like this one every Tuesday.

The video is a musical comedy about Mark Zuckerbergs life and times. From when Zuckerberg was creating Facebook from his dorm at Harvard University to last Friday’s Initial Public Offering. The video is interesting to see all the different changes that have happened to Facebook over the eight years.

Scene 1

The Awakening, Creating Facebook January 2004.

Scene 2

The Arrival, The Facebook page arrives February 2004.

Scene 3

The Network,   2005.

Scene 4

The Unwelcome Network, When parents start to use Facebook September 2006.

Scene 5

The Competition, Became the number one social networking site 2007.

Scene 6

The Virtual Photobook, A place to share your photos 2008.

Scene 7

Expansion, Facebook is now global 2009.

Scene 8

The Votes of Approval,  The Facebook “Like” button is created April 2010.

Scene 9

The Champion of Democracy, Spring 2011.

Scene 10

Nostalgia, The birth of the timeline, December 2011.

Scene 11

The IPO, Zuckberg’s a billion.

Scene 12

The Finale.

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