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New Social Network From Microsoft

Shane Atkins 6 years ago

Microsoft have created their very own social networking site integrated into Bing Search, it’s called So.cl pronounced social.  This seemed to be a surprise has Microsoft are very close to Facebook as the work with each other as Facebook use Bing as it’s search engine.  Microsoft will now compete with Google+’s 170 million users and Facebook’s 901 million users.

So.cl looks more up-to-date and cooler than Facebook or Google+. The  website features a social bar like the others where you can see any notifications that come to you on the right hand side, they also feature a cog on the far right hand side similar to the cog that’s used on Google+  it’s for your so.cl settings. So.cl logo that looks cool and fresh, displaying the word Socl but as smile by using the O and C as eyes then a smile underneath.  Right in the centre of the bar,  like Facebook Socl has a search bar but Socl has brought what Google+ has a search to find people incorporated in the same search to find content you like on Google. For instance when I searched for the phrase Social Media on So.cl it came up with firstly with some Bing image results for Social Media then a Wikipedia entry about social media next (result from Bing) after this it comes up with people who have the words Social Media in their status update on Socl very similar to Twitter.

So what’s different about Socl then other social networking sites. On Socl it features a video party where you can watch videos with your friends,family or complete strangers. The video party lets you join other people’s party’s were there is a list of videos that have be added by different people. You can have the option to add videos to the party skip videos and comment on the videos.  All the videos that I’ve seen come from YouTube but the controls are gone so you can’t fast forward the video or change the volume of the video. Another difference is that Socl has better results from their search engine Bing on their social network. It grabs pictures from any search you do at the top and finds the most relevant on Bing and from people you follow.

So do you think that Facebook or Google+ should be worried about So.cl?

Shane Atkins

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