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Google+ Goes Local

Shane Atkins 6 years ago


Google+ Goes Local

Google+ Local Social is a new feature from Google which allows website viewers to obtain information on local places through the Internet. Google =Local Social was originally called Google Places and was designed for the same purpose. This feature includes free Zagat restaurant reviews, a new local tab within Google +, and you’ll be able to find Google = Local Social web pages within the Google search engine. In addition, you’ll get listings of local places by typing in your city and what type of places you’re interested in.

If you had a business that was included on the original Google Places, there’s a chance that this listing is now integrated into the new Google + Local Social. You should check the information and pictures in the listing to make sure everything is exactly how you want it to avoid confusion from viewers who read your listing. Google + Local Social reflects a growing trend of the combination of social media with search engines to create an efficient Internet experience.

Because of services such as Google + Local Social, one has to wonder if the traditional forms of finding local businesses such as local newspapers or the phone directory will still be relevant today. Recently, in New Orleans their long-time newspaper The Times Picayune laid off 200 staff members, including a few who handle advertising for local businesses. Some people worry that online search engines could spell death for traditional local advertising. Others say that services such as Google + Local Social are actually supplements to local newspapers, and that since many newspapers operate online, they can work together for local business promotion.

Below is Google’s promotional video of Google+ Local


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