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The Best social media campaigns

Shane Atkins 6 years ago

Every business should be using social media marketing to promote themselves as this is where their customers will be. There are hundreds of thousands of businesses using social media marketing to promote themselves some may love it with the amount of success that they generated from it, while others will feel it just doesn’t work for their business as they don’t understand fully how to use social media marketing to it’s full potential.  Here I’ve listed my favourite social media campaigns.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power is an Irish based bookmaker. They offer sports betting, online poker, online bingo and  online casino games. They are no means the biggest bookmaker but there social media marketing campaigns have created a social buzz around them that has boosted the awareness of their business which will help them grown in the long term.  Paddy Power have thought out of the box when they started to promote their business with the weeks leading up-to the Euro 2012.  They promoted people that commented on their Facebook wall with a video that reloved around their comment, excellent way of giving something back to your followers.

Here is one of their videos where they promoted Alex Whiteman for commenting “Can’t believe that they banned vuvuzelas from the Euros, I thought they were a right laugh”.  They promoted Alex in a humorous way by sending a truck with a giant vuvuzela on the back to Ukraine with it parking outside the final stadium and blowing the vuvuzela off  they then show a block of flats collapsing in the distance.


The fast food giant has been successful on two of the  big three. McDonald’s’ are still trying to fix what happened earlier in the year when they tweeted this tweet out,


Following this tweet it drew an overall negative response back with replies like, “Fingernail in my Big Mac once” “Something in the damn thing chipped my molar” and “Hospitalized for food poisoning after eating Mcdonald’s in 1989. Never ate there again became a vegetarian. Should of sued”. McDonald’s have grown and learnt from this problem.  McDonald’s has hit the nail exactly on how to market on YouTube. They created a game on YouTube videos where you have to look for a McDonald’s character once you’ve found the character you click on them as they are using annotations you’ll move onto the next level. They used this game to promote their new Play I Spy that will give people a one in five chance of wining something. Their Facebook page is the 49th most liked page wand still growing by getting over 700,000 likes a month. They do this by asking their large audience different questions about McDonald’s like “If you could travel to a McDonald’s anywhere in the world, where would it be?” and “Fill in the blank: The best place to enjoy a McCafé drink is ________.” to keep their audience engaged and wanting more.  They also share  their competitions, television adverts, Facebook apps and news that they believe will others will want to hear.

Play the McDonald’s YouTube game below.

Mercedes-Benz Tweet Race

Mercedes-Benz where thinking big with this idea. There was four different teams that raced across the United States to a point that was 1,400 miles away the only difference in this race was the fact that the cars were fueled by tweets that contained the teams name in a hash-tag. They got one mile for every tweets that contained their hashtag.  One team was so successful that they managed to become the top trend which help them win the race.  This like Paddy Power and McDonald’s is an innovation that no one has thought of yet.  Merceddes-Benz tweet race was a successful as they was be promoted as the first people do anything of this kind also when people were helping the teams in the race by tweeting they were also promoting Mercedes-Benz while they doing it.  This Twitter campaing managed to get over 545 million imprseions.

The video below is of the Tweet Race.






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  1. Nicolas Liu Jun 18, 2012

    I don’t think
    #LittleThings working since it adds up in the bottom’s butt.

  2. Harold Gardner Jun 18, 2012

    Social Media will always have risks; since the customers have more control of the conversation.

  3. Sterling Dee Jun 18, 2012

    The tweet race is a fun idea

  4. Reza Ahmed Jun 18, 2012

    tweet is the good one


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