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YouTube and Vimeo for business

Shane Atkins 6 years ago

Before you start to market your business on YouTube or Vimeo I would suggest thinking of three goals that you hope to achieve by using video marketing. By having goals it will help you as  you can clearly see how successful your video marketing is helping your business. Every business can benefit from video marketing as it will give the viewer of the video more of an insight into your business which will make them more likely to buy from you.

YouTube is the biggest video sharing website and the second largest search engine. YouTube is fantastic for SEO (search engine optimized) so when people search on Google a YouTube video will be placed above a blog post or article. This will help your business as it will get more people seeing your business. Vimeo is the second largest video sharing website it’s a non-commercial so there are no adverts on it. Vimeo’s design,look and feel is perfect for displaying on your website or blog. Most people who use Vimeo are artists/designers while on YouTube it’s anyone and everyone it’s not very specific. I personal prefer using Vimeo for the look when placing videos in posts but as some of the videos that I use aren’t there I use YouTube as well. So which one should I use you may ask.  You should upload every video to both YouTube and Vimeo but only display Vimeo videos on your blog/website. this way you’re keeping your website looks while generating leads from your YouTube video.

How to get Started on Youtube

You’ll need to have a Google account before creating a YouTube account. You can create one here. Once you’ve created your Google account head back to YouTube.  Click on either the silhouette of a person or the pictured that you’ve uploaded. Now click on My Channel then on the Big OK I’m Ready button. Now you’ve created your YouTube account. Your page should look something like the picture below 

Now add your business’s social networks by clicking on edit then on the social networks you want to add. It will give you the option to display them on your YouTube channel do this as people who go to your YouTube channel will go to your Facebook and Twitter for more information. In-addition to this you’ll want to add your business’s blog under your social networks. To upload your business’s logo you’ll need to change your Google profile pic to do this you’ll need to create a Google+ account and change there. The last step to creating your YouTube account is to add tags and a description to your YouTube profile by going here. Your YouTube account is now ready to upload videos it. You should make videos about any new products your business may offer,competitions or give-aways your having, update on what’s happening on in your business and once in a while make some fun videos that will make people smile, like when Litzky Public Relations made a video covering Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call me maybe” video of it below.


How to get to grip with Vimeo

You’ll only be wanting to use Vimeo to display your videos on your website/blog. As your video won’t get viewed very much there just the design is clean and easy to customize for your website look. Create an account by clicking here choose the basic option as it’s free. Fill in your name and email. Your page will look similar to the one below. Click the upload a video button, upload your video you’ve made. Then click on the me button in the top left you’ll see your video below click on it. This will now load the video up click on the share button on the video in the top right and then copy and paste the code into your website/blog post.

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