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Shane Atkins 6 years ago

Google+ has now be updated with an events feature.  You may be asking what’s the difference between Facebook’s events and Google+ events. Well  Facebook events allow a user to create an event call it what they like, add some details about it, where it will be placed, what time and you can invite your friends to it.  Once the event is created users can then post comments and pictures on the events stream. Facebook’s events are fine to use if most of your friends are using Facebook over Google+ otherwise I would suggest you use Google+ events. Google+ events have a cleaner design when creating an event it’s very similar to Facebook’s events but on Google+ you get to have a choose a theme or upload your own to suit your event better. Google+ events automatically adds events to your Google calendar when you say that your going on an event. When you’re invited to an event you are given a handy option for Google+ to give you directions to the event via Google maps. You can share photos from the event instantly with everyone that are at the event and finally you can easily find all the photos that where taken from the event by going to the event.

Promotional video of Google+ Events.

Will you start to use Google+ events?

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