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Top 5 most followed people/businesses this week. June 29th 2012

Shane Atkins 6 years ago

This is a brand new thing that I’ll be writting about every Friday. I’ll be showcasing the most followed person in each of the biggest social networking sites, these are Facebook,Twitter,Google+,Pinterest and YouTube.  All the stats that I’ll be getting will be from ZoomSphere where they display social statics from many social networking sites.


Coca-Cola is the most liked Facebook page this week with a total of 288,089 likes just this week. In total they have 43,432,880 likes, they are gaining on average 39,678 likes a day and will have an estimated 50,000,000 likes by December 12th 2012.






This weeks most followed person on Twitter is Katy Perry by gaining 274,325 followers. Katy Perry is the third most followed person on Twitter only after Lady Ga Ga and Justin Bieber. Katy Perry has a total of  22,193,013 followers.







The one year old social network has now got over 250 million users and thousands celebrities using it. The most cirlced person this week is the rapper Snoop Dogg with an increase of 3,238,365 followers this week. The number is so high as the counter looks like it was only counting half  the amount of followers for Google+. Snoop Dogg is the second most circled person after  Britney Spears.





Pinterest the social bookmarking site for prefered by females now has over 18 million users. The most followed person this week  is Jennifer Chong with an increase of 33,884 followers this week. She has over 4,000 pins over 54 boards. She is the second most followed person on Pinterest after Jane Wang.





The largest video sharing website. Jenna Marbles  is this weeks most subscribed person on YouTube with a total of  37,675 new subscribers this week. Jenna Marbles is the fourth most subscribed channel on YouTube with a total of 3,345,440.

Shane Atkins

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