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Top Three Alternatives to Last.fm

Shane Atkins 6 years ago

Last.fm the largest music website with over 30 million users and over 50 billion scrobbles (plays)  through their system. Last.fm was created in 2002 in the United Kingdom later to be bought out by CBS Interactive for $280m/£140m on the 30th May 2007.

So what are the alternatives?


Musicovery lets you choose your music on the emotion that you’re feeling. Like Last.fm Musicovery lets you listen to hundreds of thousands of tracks for free.  The design, look and feel of Musicovery is perfect for music lovers it made myself want to use this website other Last.fm just from the design. On Musicovery they have two different price settings the first one is free which lets you listen to their catalogue of music, ban certain tracks so that you don’t have to listen to them every again. Musicovery offer a premium service were you get all the features of the free version but you  get the highest sound quality while listening, you can skip songs and there won’t be any annoying adverts, premium is priced at $4/£2.6 a month.


Provides you with the music that best suits any mood or the activity that you’re doing very similar to Musicovery.  The music website helps you choose the right music for the activity you’re doing by going to the search box you can also choose some moods that are suiting you. Stereomood doesn’t have many popular songs from the original artists, they have many covers of popular songs. They synchronizes well with Twitter and Last.fm by updating your followers when you add a song to your favourites while Last.fm counts your plays.


Grooveshark is to simply just like Last.fm as you can listen to any music from just about any artist also add friends and favorites songs to your profile. Grooveshark is more as I found out. Grooveshark lets you play any song you want whenever you want to, you can choose to have more songs have a song or skip it. You can easily find playlists that suite you. I personal like pop songs so I went to the http://grooveshark.com/#!/music/popular and clicked on the play all in all the most popular songs that have been played are now in a playlist. The community is a community on Grooveshark when comparing it to Last.fm. On Grooveshark you can follow people and easily see their all of their music they’ve favorited and play them all with one click from the community page.  Your profile page is more like a Twitter page than anything else with a stream of the music your listening to and favorite to people can comment on it. It actively encourages you to interact with others on the website. The only downside to Grooveshark is that  the adverts are very annoying you can upgrade to remove the adverts, it costs only $6/£3.9 a month for removing the adverts you can also get Grooveshark on your mobile and remove the adverts for a $9/££5.9 a month very cheap for what they are offering.

Video of GrooveShark’s Shark Week:


Do you use music websites like these?

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