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Top 3 Pinterest tools for business

Shane Atkins 6 years ago

Pinterest the social bookmarking site with over 12 millions users and referring more traffic than Google+ and LinkedIn put together. The statics show that 68% of the Pinterest population are female and 32% are male so Pinterest is the ideal place for feminine business to market.  I’ve created this handy list of the best Pinterest tools for business I’ve tested them for my personal account and they work perfectly. See what I’ve pinning by clicking the link below.

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1. Pinreach

Pinreach  gives you a Pinreach (PR) score based on how influential your business is on Pinterest so the more boards and pins your business sends out with people liking and re-pining will lead to a higher PR score.  On Pinreach I like that you can see if your score is going up or down throughout the week, what my most popular pins have ever been also it tells you what your most popular boards are. Pinreach helps has you can easily see if you efforts on Pinterest are really worth it.


PinPuff  also gives a score for your whole account but what’s different with PinPuff is that you get three individual scores in-addition to the one.  You are scored on the reach of your pins, how active you are and how viral your pins have gone. I like that it gives you quick stats on your profile so that you can easily see if your business is going up or down as green is up and red if it’s  down.

3.Pinterest Pro

Pinterest Pro is a Google chrome extension you’ll need to have Google chrome to install it. Download Google chrome here if you haven’t already.  One feature that I use on Pinterest Pro is when you right-click any picture on the internet you get the option to pin it just like that so simple. This will beneficial to your business as if your just surfing the internet and find some interesting pictures and there isn’t a pin button it can take some real-time just to pin it, so this extension save loads of time.


Is Pinterest in your marketing strategy?
Shane Atkins

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