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Anti-Facebook Unthink where are they now

Shane Atkins 5 years ago

Last year a new social network was born and it was called Unthink it was branded as the anti-Facebook.  They managed to get 100,000 users to Unthink in a matter of months. The idea was good as not only was the social network just for you so you can where what you want with who you want your friends can see one side of your profile and updates while your colleagues can see your other half. Below is their video that they used to promote with.


Well it looks like they couldn’t take down Facebook, after less than a year from starting Unthink is no more. I don’t know when Unthink stopped I only checked today to see if they are still around and no there not, there URL http://www.unthink.com/ doesn’t work. So what happened to their 100,000+ users. Well I was one of these users and I must say that Unthink wasn’t quite clunky and annoying when using it, you couldn’t customize it very well, it was hard to find friends and it was boring as know one was using it. This may be the case with Google+ at the moment but more and more people are using it now.

Here’s a preview of what Unthink looked like:


 Why do you think that Unthink failed?

Shane Atkins

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  1. Anonymous Unthink Fan Apr 5, 2013

    it’s a pity about unthink, aside from the mystifying name, and a few remaining unprivacy oriented aspects…and of course its ultimate failure–it was a great idea. I sure hope they can reboot it, albeit with a different name.

    1. Shane Atkins Apr 5, 2013

      I also hope Unthink comes back as it was the perfect idea for a social network, if you checkout Unthink’s website there is a hint they’re coming back. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


  2. aa` Aug 7, 2013

    i was a developer with unthink. this product was developed with 4 developers. no QA and BA.

    1. Shane Atkins Aug 7, 2013


      Just four developers isn’t many to create Unthink that had so many features. Congratulations on what you created anyway.

      Is Unthink going to make a comeback?

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