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Twitter at the London 2012 Olympics

Shane Atkins 5 years ago

Clip it!

The London 2012 Olympics have begun today after a fantastic opening ceremony  watched by over 1billion people around the world. The London 2012 Olympics is the first social Olympics so not only will there be lots of people watching live on television and in the stadiums but for the first time ever you can personally support your favourite athletes by Tweeting them.  @TwitterUK  have told us that  there were a total of 9.66 million mentions of  the opening ceremony from the start of the ceremony to the end. They have also Tweeted that in just 24hours of the London 2012 Olympics there have been more Tweets than the entire Beijing 2008 Olympic which is just astonishing as Twitter had over 70 million users then.

If you missed the Olympic ceremony  you can watch it the best bits below, enjoy.

Video via guardian.co.uk


Twitter at the London 2012 Olympics is a way of life toady. You can get everyone’s view on this or that, see how different people are supporting their country. Also as many people know news breaks first on Twitter,  may so if you use just Facebook then you may want to consider to use Twitter just for the games as you’ll get the latest Olympic news straight away with real people comments on the news.

Twitter trends are a great way of getting involved in supporting the Olympics and your country.  Currently half of my tailored trends are about the Olympics, click on each one of these trends to get involved in Twitter at the Olympics.  #CelebrateLondon2012#Olympics,#openingceremony,#London2012,Danny Boyle.


Who are you supporting during the Olympics?

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