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3 Alternatives to Pinterest

Shane Atkins 5 years ago

Pinterest the social/image bookmarking site  is the biggest of its kind with over 15 million daily users.  If you choose not to use Pinterest then I’ve created a list of the best three alternatives to Pinterest.

The Fancy

The fancy is the most similar to Pinterest as you can follow different people, repost and comment on images that people post. The design and colours is suited for females as-well as males. With The fancy you can search for any specific items that you’re looking for or you can hover the browse tab and click on a category. I like the shop function when hovering over browse as you can find great deals on anything that looks beautiful.  With The fancy you even have the option to even generate some money by just inviting your friends to The fancy by going to their referral status and inviting people in. Another reason why you may want to use the fancy is that you can earn different badges while using it, I’ve already gained two badges just for inviting people you find the full list of badges here.  What really makes The fancy different is that they have their own merchant store where you buy anything you see from MerchantStore, just add things to your cart and pay once through The fancy.

Screen shot of The fancy’s home page

The fancy  8/10 | The design is near perfect it has some unique features



The newest social/image bookmarking site to hit the internet has already thousands of users and tens of thousands of people waiting to join. Gentlemint is  currently  invite only so it’s hard to see exactly what it’s exactly like. From what I can see Gentlement is the Pinterest for men it lets you, comment,share,reshare and like images(mint).  The like button is a moustache which is pretty cool. It has adverts next to each mint that are quite large and aren’t relevant to the mint.  When looking at a mint it’s not very exciting it seems as though there should be something extra there to add to the experience.  If you like what you see already then you can request for an invite by clicking here.

Gentlemint’s home page

The Gentlemint 7/10 | I like that it’s aimed just at males also the moustache like button


We heart it

We heart it, is very feminine there’s pink everywhere you look on the website. We heart it, is the most social out of all the image bookmarking sites it lets users easily share an image to their Tumblr,Twitter or Facebook on the home page you can see who’s the most active hearters (users). You can organise your hearts (pins) into sets (boards) so everything more organized. If you decide to sync We heart it with your Facebook and Twitter then you can then share every heart that you make so that your friends never miss one of your hearts. We heart it lets you search like your favourite topic or by clicking on tags on images and now you can browse through all the images with that tag.

We heart it’s home page

We heart it 8/10 | The design is very appealing I like how they use the heart throughout the website


Are you going to switch?

Shane Atkins

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