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How to make money on Facebook

Shane Atkins 5 years ago

Can I make money on Facebook is what hundreds of thousands ask themselves. You’ve gone one step further well done as you’ve found the best three ways of earning true money while on Facebook.

So you have a Facebook account and you’re wondering how you can make money from it.  I’ve also thought about this and have created a detailed list of the three best ways of earning some more cash. All these methods are free for ever and anyone can start them at any time. Still interested?


Topline is the easiest and most simplest way of making money on Facebook.  Topline is a Google Chrome extension so you’ll need to download Google Chrome for this to work download here. Topline replaces adverts that you see while surfing  Facebook with adverts from their own advertising service. Install their extension here. Once installed you’re ready to earn some money.  You get $0.75 for every 1,000 points that you earn. You get points for just viewing adverts with a T in the corner Topline doesn’t say how much you earn from each view but my guess it’s two or three. You can only cash out at $10 which is 13,000 points. This may seem like a million ways but I’ve been using it for a couple of hours and have got 209 points. This way is the easiest and doesn’t require any effort you can start now and have some money extra cash to spend at Christmas.

Topline video


Amazon Affiliate

Your friends and family buy things that are on the internet. What if you could save them money and earn yourself some money at the same time. This is what Amazon Affiliate program is for. Sign up here. You can find everything  in the Amazon Affiliate program  here. If you know that a friend is looking for that certain something look it up on Amazon Affiliate  first as you may be able to, save your friend money while getting yourself some money for yourself. Also if you have just bought something from Amazon and you are about to share it to your friends include an Affiliate  link. You earn 5% of  every item you sell through an Affiliate link and once you’ve made 21 sales you percentage goes up to 5.5% so more money for you.

Here’s a sample of what your affiliate link could look like:

Tweet Right – The Sensible Person’s Guide to Twitter


Sell your services

What ever you may think that your good or you like doing a lot. For instance you could make something for your friends and family for example some cookies. If you don’t want to make something then think of some of the skills that you have right now. This may be being a great footballer/soccer player you can teach your skills with your experience to others that want to improve, another example is if you like doing your hair and nails and you think that you’re good at it then ask people you know on Facebook if they want to have their nails done for $10. This way you’re getting some more money for doing the things that you like doing which is bonus.


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