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The 5 best URL shorteners for Twitter

Shane Atkins 6 years ago

Twitter the micro blogging site that only allows you to Tweet a maximum of 140 characters.  Every character that you Tweet even the links will count towards the 140 limit. So keep want to keep your link limit down to get more of your message across in you Tweet. You can use Twitter’s URL shortener which automatically shortens a  full URL that you Tweet, this is great as it shorteners your URL but you cannot measure statics on it. That’s why I’ve  created this list of the 5 best URL shorteners  for Twitter all these are free to use some you may have heard of others you may not of but they will help you when you analyze your marketing on Twitter to see what’s hot and what’s not.


The biggest and most popular from this list. Bit.ly lets you see statics on how many people have clicked on your link where they are in the world. You can also look at look at each link individually and see how many people have clicked on it each day where their from and where they have clicked the link from. Also if you run your own blog or website then you can see if someone has shortened your link and how many times people have clicked their link. Bit.ly  has a Google Chrome extension which lets you shorten URLs quicker without having to go to Bit.ly ‘s website all the time.

How to use Bit.ly url shortener video by 



What makes Smarturl different from the other URL shorteners is that you can customize it. For instance instead of using http://shaneatkins.co.uk I can use http://smarturl.it/ShaneAtkins you can change the ending to whatever you want it to be as long as it’s available.Like Bit.ly and others Smarturl will give you statistics  on the links your shorten and send out. You can sign up with either Facebook,Google or with your email. I would suggest getting your business and/or personal name here before anyone else does.



Google’s very own URL shortener is simpler to use than others. Goo.gl tells you what browser the person clicked on your link was using  what device they’re using and where they are in the world. Also what’s great about Goo.gl is that it automatically creates a QR code every time you add a link. You can easily see when people have clicked on your link and when.



This awesome URL shortener grabs your followers attention as it’s  unique.  The downside is you can’t see in-depth stats about your link for free. To use the Awe.sm URL shortener for free use Timely.is as this tool Tweets at just the right time with your awesome URL you can see how many people clicked on it and how far the reach is.



Stumbleupon’s shortener gives you not only statistics on  when you’ve been clicked but also it looks at your Twitter and the last time people have clicked on your links to suggest the best time to send your Tweets out. Also when you shortener a URL on Su.pr you can then Tweet it instantly without having to copy and paste the URL to Twitter. You can also connect your Facebook to post and just right  the right time for your Facebook updates.

Shane Atkins

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