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Pinteresting pins on Pinterest


What a mouthful of a title, try to say that quickly. So what is Pinteresting?  It’s a very popular pin or it can mean a pin  that you just love to bits.  With over 21 million users on Pinterest there just isn’t enough time to look at every pin that gets pinnned even though I’d love to try that as a dream job. I’ve unlisted the help of and to find the most pinteresting pins on Pinterest.

Pinteresting  Yogurt Drops Pinteresting Pinteresting pins on Pinterest Yogurt Drops


Jillee from pinned this how to make Yogurt drops in four easy steps. This pin has over 46k re-pins and 6k likes. I haven’t tried to make the Yogurt drops yet but it’s on my list of things to do from Pinterest.  Click on the picture to make it bigger or click here to see the original pin.








Pinteresting  Thankful Pinteresting Pinteresting pins on Pinterest Thankful


This quote puts a smile on my face as it makes me feel grateful for what I have. Kathryn pinned this from Tumblr where I’ve seen many pinteresting pins come from. This pin is very popular like the one above with 35k re-pins and 5k likes. You can find the original pin here.




Pinteresting Garlic Bread Pinteresting Pinteresting pins on Pinterest Garlic Bread


This tasty looking garlic bread pin is the most popular pin with nearly 100k re-pins and  over 13k likes. It was originally pinned by Mandy Wakeman when she was reading the laurenslatest recipe about making delicious garlic bread.





Pinteresting  Paris Pinteresting Pinteresting pins on Pinterest Paris


This beautiful photo of Paris with the tour de Eiffel tower in the background and the lady in the centre just makes the pin perfect. With over 45k re-pins and 4k likes this has to be the most popular pin of Paris or any other city in the world. You can find this photo pinned here.




Pinteresting  Fruity Treats Pinteresting Pinteresting pins on Pinterest Fruity Treats


This fruity treat is a great idea for getting healthy in Summer while keeping great tastes.  I recommend you to make your own fruity ice lolly, as I made a berry mix with black,blue and strawberries and it tasted amazing I can’t get enough of them.I thank Jessica  for pinning it.




Pinteresting  Vegetarian Food Pinteresting Pinteresting pins on Pinterest Vegetarian Food

Even though I’m not a vegetarian this cucumber and avocado spring rolls may turn me into one as they look very tasty. This photo was only pinned last week and it’s going *pirval with 400+ re-pins and 77 likes I think the Pinterest community agree with me that this looks scrumptious. Original pin found here.

*A pin on Pinterest going viral



Pinteresting  Chocolate Cake Pinteresting Pinteresting pins on Pinterest Chocolate Cake

I love chocolate, I love Oreos and I love cheese this cake has all three. I had to re-pin this as soon as I saw it onto the board Yummy food!  As-well as just looking at this tasty cake you can also make it with the recipe from House 344.  This has been re-pinned over 46k times here’s the original pin.



Pinteresting  Need! Piano Door Bell! Pinteresting Pinteresting pins on Pinterest Need Piano Door Bell


Having a set of piano keys as a door bell is a pretty cool thing to have. It so unique, I doubt that I’ll ever see someone using it instead of the traditional one.  This musical idea is by Li Jianye it’s currently not in production yet so we’ll have to stick with the traditional methods of ringing.  You can find this pin by clicking here.



Pinteresting  Brownie Popsicle #brownie Pinteresting Pinteresting pins on Pinterest Brownie Popsicle brownie


The ultimate popsicle is on Pinterest! The bottom half is chocolate brownie while the top half is splashed with white icing and sprinkles.  Why don’t they sell popsicles like these in stores? Pinned by Lucy.


Source: via Hansol on Pinterest




What’s your favourite pin mine one is the cheesy garlic bread, comment below your favourite.


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  1. Like Jessica’s Fruit Lollipop…Garlic Bread is my downfall, so I can’t vote for that. And every time I make spring rolls, I feel like a dog that just ate a spoonful of peanut butter (like my tongue is stuck to the roof of my mouth).

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