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Popular Facebook Cover Features

Shane Atkins 5 years ago

Popular Facebook Cover Features

Facebook (FB) is by far the most popular social media website, seeing an estimated 150 million unique users monthly. The success of FB can be attributed to 2 key factors. One is the user friendliness, not requiring someone to be a computer pro to have the best experience possible is pretty appealing. The second, and probably biggest key to FB’s success is the massive amount of features that are available. The features are so numerous that there is sure to be something that appeals to just about any demographic imaginable. With new features added constantly: the popularity of FB is only going to increase.

The site was designed for social interaction, and that is by far the most popular feature available. Two of the more popular aspects of FB’s social features include the ability to make new friends, and to reconnect with old ones. People just love the ability to reconnect with a friend they haven’t seen in 30 years. Facebook has also revolutionized the way families stay in touch. Before if you had a big family, it was inevitable that you would lose touch with someone. Facebook has simplified the process and has brought families closer together.

There are generally two types of people on FB those who love the games and those who hate them. The games are fun and addicting and have a rather large following. Unfortunately the games are responsible for one of the most unpopular aspects of FB, the dreaded game request. The games try to promote social interaction, and many require cooperation between players. This cooperation comes in the form of game requests. Many users who don’t even play the games are bombarded by game requests and this has led to their massive unpopularity. Regardless the games are still fun to play, and a great way to kill time.

Another feature many people have a lot of fun with is the ability to customize their page. One of the more popular ways to customize your page is through a FB cover photo. This is basically a background that gives the user the opportunity to express themselves and personalize their Timeline profile.

Shane Atkins

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  • I wonder how the FB’s stock offering will impact the company. They have to figure a better way to monetize the site. I worry that they may need to impact user experience to drive cash.

  • Al Muth

    It’s interesting to see how different they are since they went public.