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How to backup your social networks

Shane Atkins 5 years ago

How to backup your social networks

With over a billion  people using social media everyday it’s surprising to see that most of them don’t back up any of their social networks. Even though I’ve never had my accounts hacked before I would never want to lose all my updates and photos. That’s why I decided to test out the  social backup tool SocialSafe. The first time you use SocialSafe it takes some time to sync all your social networks, it can currently sync:


Facebook profile and Page





and they are adding more to their collection soon.  Once you’ve synced all of your social networks you have then backed-up your social networks. You can view everything you’ve backed up by going to the profiles tab then you can select which content to view from each social network. SocialSafe will only display your updates from the last time you’ve synced them, so I would advise you to schedule your SocialSafe to sync your accounts every couple of days by clicking on the cog in the bottom right then on schedule.  You can even export your social activity so you’ll never lose it.

What can SocialSafe backup?

All of your status updates with the comments,likes,+1s, ReTweets and mentions

Every photo you’ve posted or uploaded

Your profiles with all your links and text attached with them


Not only is SocialSafe a great tool for backing-up essential information it features other useful tools on their software. The calendar tab lets you travel back in time to see your updates from the begging and see who’s liked and commented on them. What I like about the calendar tab is that you can easily see how many updates I’ve done on each day, which is pretty neat.  The journal tab is just like a journal as it has every update you’ve made  in chronological order with the most recent first, can see which updates are backed-up and what they look like.  SocialSafe also features a search tool that lets you search through  all your updates and your friends updates  or you can be specific and choose where you want to search, by changing the all in to selected in the top right.

SocialSafe Promotional Video

I would recommend that you use SocialSafe so you never lose a precise social moment.

Try it for yourself today with a free Facebook edition

How to backup your social networks

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