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The Ideal Way To Assess Your Marketing Efforts

Shane Atkins 5 years ago

The Ideal Way To Assess Your Marketing Efforts

Most medium as well as small businesses have started rushing to use social media to endorse their products or services. This is frenzy among businesses is compared to the gold rush, as most firms set up Twitter accounts, Facebook business page and also websites like LinkedIn, as a way to network for potential customers and contacts. There is one thing very clear in every-body’s mind, that the social media is going to be a permanent factor and you have to find ways of measuring it. The greatest challenge to marketers in social media is to go through the huge amount of data that is available.

After taking the early steps in the process of social media marketing, like tweeting, publishing and posting, you need metrics to measure the success of your product through social media.

The ten metrics required to measure success in social media

  1. Conversion rate

The simplest way to measure the extent to which your post reverberates with the audience, is to gauge the amount of comments generated by each of your post, meaning the conversion rate. You have to understand your audience to get a high conversion rate.

  1. Applied traffic

Your account in social media directs online traffic, as well as potential customers to your website. By monitoring these traffic from social media, you will understand the value of social media.

  1. Overall reach

It is very imperative that you keep track of your overall network, as it will help you realize if your social space is increasing in value.

  1. Augmentation rate

Your amplification or augmentation rate is considered to be the rate, with which followers share your personal content with their individual network. By measuring the shares, you will be able to measure your marketing effort in social media.

  1. Measuring applause

When you get social media applause through clicks on tweets as well as Facebook and you get  +1 on Googleplus, it may be shown in search engine results.

  1. Content quality

Good content is the fuel that boosts your marketing effort in social media. The share rate and the conversion rate will in measuring the content quality.

  1. Conversation share

Conversation share gauges the amount of conversation regarding your brand and it also compares to those of your competitors in the niche market.

  1. share views of video or slide

You can measure your success by the number of views that you get on presentation on SlideShare or videos in YouTube.

  1. Economic value

Economic value comes from social media through sales and also from cost saving, by not using any call center and enhanced customer relationship.

  1. Actionable metrics

ROI metrics can measure the advertising performance by monitoring the number of reaction to telephone numbers that are assigned to different advertising campaigns and media.

With budgets tightening and demands for increased returns, it is very important to quantify and confirm the efforts you have put in by marketing in social media. Tracking as well as measuring through these metrics will you in evaluating your success.

Shane Atkins

Hello! I want to show you how to get more traffic from blogging, and social media by helping you grow your subscribers and social influence by using a mix of best practices with trail and error. I'm going to be talking about blogging and social media a lot as I love them both :) Want to know more? Check out my about page.

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