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Sponsored: The popularity of the World Economic Forum

Shane Atkins 5 years ago

The popularity of the World Economic Forum

The corporate world is abuzz with countless conferences each year with top executives meeting to learn more about how to take their companies to the next level. These executives come from all over the world to attend conferences where other CEOs talk and to network with other professionals in the same profession.

According to Weber Shandwick, a global PR company, the top most popular of all conferences around the world has to be the World Economic Forum. This conference goes on to address some of the pressing issues faced by top executives around the globe and also provides them to meet and greet with top government leaders.

The results of an annual study which was performed by Shandwick, referred to as the Five Start Conference study they actually went on to identify more than 20 different top conferences in the year of 2010 alone which these executives expressed interest in attending. This was deduced on the feedback received from the executives and various media coverage.

These studies also went on to name the top executives from around the world who attended the conference. Many of these companies, among 55 of them, can be found to be listed in the 2010’s list of world’s Most Admired Companies, published from Fortune Magazine.

Where the speakers of this conference are concerned, the conference actually was able to claim that they had the highest number of CEOs who spoke at their conference – more than any other conference around the globe. This also contributed to making the conference more popular thanks to the amount of different CEOs in attendance and speaking at the conference. The CEOs who spoke at the conference would also receive invitations from other conferences to attend and speak at, but the World Economic Forum would be the conference of choice for any CEO.

These are only some of the reasons why the World Economic Forum continues to remain so popular and one of the preferred conferences for professionals and CEOs around the world in terms of networking opportunities and speaking engagements. For more information with
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