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Everyday I’m Stumbling

Shane Atkins 5 years ago

Everyday I’m Stumbling

Everyday I’m Stumbling, you heard the title right I use StumbleUpon everyday whether it’s their URL shortner (su.pr) or when I Stumble from one website to the other. In this blog post I’ll be telling you why I use it and how you can get the most out it.

Average day on StumbleUpon?

On a normal day I will stumble for roughly fifteen minutes which I think is long enough.  I change the interests that I stumble across whenever I start to stumble most days I’ll select fitness,internet tools and trending. When stumbling if there is website that has a long article that I’ve started reading I’ll bookmark it and come back to it later, this way I can just read all the articles that I want to read.

Why  I use StumbleUpon?

To find articles,videos and images that are about do go viral and post them on my social networks to get the most from my followers. I use StumbleUpon to help me write blog posts whenever I get stuck writing then I’ll t urn to StumbleUpon for some creativity and some ideas. Finding new people to connect with is so much more in-depth on StumbleUpon as people’s profiles are so unique to one another I can find people with exactly the same interests to me. I use StumbleUpon’s very own URL shortner (su.pr) when I send links out on Twitter as the people that use StumbleUpon will have the tool bar come down when they click the link to make it easier to like my posts on StumbleUpon.

How you can use StumbleUpon?

Whether you’re a blogger,business or an online net-worker you can all use StumbleUpon. If you’re a blogger like me then you can use it to promote your blog posts and find like-minded bloggers.  StumbleUpon can be a great place for your business to find creative ways to promote your business online. Online Net-workers can also find StumbleUpon useful as you find new content that can be inspiring also in the interest “How To” you’ll Stumble across some great pages that anyone will find useful.


So why not join me on StumbleUpon  and every day we’ll be Stumbling.










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