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Social Dining has arrived with Nibblr

Shane Atkins 5 years ago

Social Dining has arrived with Nibblr

I think it is safe to say that even if you haven’t been online for terribly long you will probably understand what I mean about social networking. Almost everyone has a Facebook and twitter account these days, plus accounts for the multitude of other networks which keep springing up, but what about a social dining site?

And let’s face it; when we are being sociable we feel good about ourselves. We feel connected to the people we love and care about, plus with most social networks the option to meet new friends is never far away. Naturally there are a lot of things we do both online and off which require us to be sociable by necessity rather than by choice. A good example of such a situation would be sitting in a lecture hall with your classmates. Another good example would be if your job required you to deal with people on a daily basis, such as being an air steward.


One thing we all do which requires being sociable is eating. The vast majority of us will at least, once in the day, sit down to a meal with our friends and family, and it is that very same social situation which leads us to nibblr.co.uk.

Nibblr Home Page:

Nibblr Social Dining Home Page


I often have a scout around the web to find out what new social networks are starting to make their mark, and which ones are slowly falling to the way side. It was purely by chance that I stumbled across Nbblr, which takes the daily necessity of eating and turns it into an even more sociable experience.


The overall feel of their website is good. The design is clean and fresh, with the background image changing to show a new landmark for each city you visit. Obviously no social network, no matter how small or large its niche maybe, is worth its salt without being multi-national, and Nibblr provides for its UK members and everyone else around the world in equal measures.


Each city listed on the website has restaurants associated with it which are classed as Nibblr friendly. This makes it very easy to find a nice dinning experience as each restaurant will be given a rating by you and your fellow Nibblrs.

Nibblr people 

Nibblr Social Dining Friends Page


While on the subject of other people, since we are talking about being social after all, Nibblr provides the usual array of options for befriending people who you would find on most other social networks.


You can invite friends and family to become Nibblrs just like yourself, or you can join a group with people who share the same interests as you, and lastly you can search for a random friend.


What you do need to keep in mind though, is that although the site is global, it is more focused on bringing people from the same cities together, which may not be what you’re looking for. That said though, I feel this is one social network which is destined for the big time, and after paying a visit to it you may feel Nibblr is right up your street you can join here.

Can Nibblr become mainstream, comment below your answers?

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  1. Harold Gardner Nov 12, 2012

    Not likely. Too much overlap with FB & FS. Too much noise in the So Me world with all the competing platforms.

  2. Annabelle Nov 12, 2012

    I really can’t see this being used as anything other than a dating site and there are far too many of them to compete with


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