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Social Freebie: MiniCards

Shane Atkins 5 years ago

Social Freebie: MiniCards

This weeks #FridayFreebie  is 100 Minicards delivered free of charge to your door courtesy of Moo.com. To claim these Minicards you’ll need a Twitter account and to sign-up top PeerIndex. Once you’ve signed up click on this link and claim the perk. You’ll be taken to Moo.com to add your own touch to your Minicards and the cards should be with you within two weeks. If you haven’t got enough influence or the link isn’t working then click this link and it will take you straight to Moo.com to claim the Minicards.

I chose to have my Twitter handle on my Minicards and used their rainbow color affect which makes four cards per color with twenty-five different colors. Below you can see all the different colors and the cute box that the cards came in.


Have you claimed your Minicards yet?

Shane Atkins

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