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How to schedule Google+ posts

Shane Atkins 5 years ago

How to schedule Google+ posts

To schedule posts on Google+ many people use Hootsuite as it’s simple,easy to use and you can send links via RSS feeds this method however only works for Google+ pages which is great if you have a page. But what if you don’t have a Google+ page and won’t to schedule your posts, I introduce DoShare the Chrome extension. This extension allows you to:

Schedule as many posts as you desire

Share with different circles

Mention people in posts

Add polls,links and pictures

Easily make the text in your posts bold,italic or have a line through them

Schedule a link by right clicking it and sending it to DoShare

While on Google+ you schedule your Reshares

Adds a number to your posts



Here’s Tzafrir Rehan the founder of DoShare telling you about DoShare


Have you installed DoShare yet?

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