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2012 Golden Tweets and 2013 Twitter Prediction

Shane Atkins 5 years ago

This year has been Twitter’s biggest year to-date with hundreds of millions of people flocking to Twitter this year making it become one of the mots loved sites of the internet.  I checked out Twitter’s blog today and found this awesome feature that showcases the top five Tweets of the year and labels them as Golden Tweets.  You can see the this years Golden Tweet by going to 2012.twitter.com also you can see 2011 and 2010‘s Golden Tweets. Twitter’s top Golden Tweets are growing like a weight lifter on steroids as in two years the top Tweet  has received 19x more ReTweets and 250x favorite. If this rate of growth continues to grow than by the end of 2014 the top Tweet will be getting 15.5m ReTweets and 75m favorites.

2010 Golden Tweet – 43,000 ReTweets | 1,151 Favorites


2011 Golden Tweet – 224,000 ReTweets | 619 Favorites


2012 Golden Tweet – 817,000 ReTweets | 300,000 Favorites


2012 Year on Twitter Video


Even though the great friendship between Twitter and Instagram has been broken I predict that Twitter will become the network that brings everyone together. You may be thinking what about Facebook? While Facebook has a large user base and its where your friends are it’s becoming too focused on generating revenue rather than giving it’s users (the people who make Facebook) a better experience. Even though Twitter has  sponsored Tweets, and accounts they don’t distract you like traditional adverts as you don’t always see them there. Twitter messages are very short so every update is down to the point which more and more people won’t nowadays and lastly news breaks fastest on Twitter which is great as people always want to be on top of the news.


2012 has been the best so far on Twitter I hope you join me on Twitter to start to next year with a bang

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