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2012 has been the biggest year for social media with over 1 billion people using Facebook daily, Twitter has grown to over 500m users, Pinterest is having its best year to date with 2.2 million active users. Even Google+ the social network that was written of by many has soared to 400 million users in just a year. YouTube hasn’t missed out on all the fun, they now boast over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month.

In this post you’ll be discovering the most followed people on each of the top 5 social networks (Facebook,Twitter,YouTube,Pinterest and Google+) also you’ll find out who is King or Queen of Social Media.


Most Liked People On Facebook



Rihanna is the Queen of Facebook with 64.6 million people liking her.






Eminem 2012 Most Followed 2012 Most Followed Eminem


Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers III) is the most liked man on Facebook  and has been for the past 3 years with a total of 64.3 million likes.









Sharkira 2012 Most Followed 2012 Most Followed Sharkira


Shakira was the Queen of Facebook until Rihanna knocked of the top spot early this year but she still has a large following on Facebook with a total of 55.4 million people that have liked her page.





Lady Ga Ga 2012 Most Followed 2012 Most Followed Lady Ga Ga

With 54.6 million likes Lady Ga Ga is the fourth most liked person on Facebook rapidly catching up Shakira.






Michael Jackson 2012 Most Followed 2012 Most Followed Michael Jackson

The King of pop still has a very large following with 54.3 million choosing to like his page.







Most followed People on Twitter


Lady ga-ga 2012 Most Followed 2012 Most Followed Lady ga ga


Lady Ga Ga is the most followed person on Twitter with 31.6 million followers which she calls her monsters.





Justin Bieber 2012 Most Followed 2012 Most Followed Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber has grown to 30.7 million followers that are called Beliebers.






Californian born Katy Perry is the third most followed in the world with 29.5 million followers listening out to her daily updates.




Rihanna2 2012 Most Followed 2012 Most Followed Rihanna2


Rihanna has 26.9 million followers hearing out to what she is going to Tweet next.




Barack Obama 2012 Most Followed 2012 Most Followed Barack Obama

The Presdent of the USA even manged to get into the top five most followed helped by the this years election to bring him to a total of 23.9 million followers.






Most Subscribed People on YouTube


RayWilliamJohnson 2012 Most Followed 2012 Most Followed RayWilliamJohnson


Ray William Johnson is the most followed person on YouTube with 6.6 million people that have subscribed to this comedians channel making him King of YouTube.


nigahiga 2012 Most Followed 2012 Most Followed nigahiga

This comedian has been on YouTube since 2006 which is only when YouTube was just 1 years old. Today Nigahiga has 6.5 million watching his videos.



Jenna Marbles 2012 Most Followed 2012 Most Followed Jenna Marbles


Jenna Mourey famously known as Jenna Marbles the YouTube sensation that creates short videos that entertain people through laughter. She is the most subscribed female on YouTube with 5.4 million subscribers.


Rihanna3 2012 Most Followed 2012 Most Followed Rihanna3


Rihanna is the most subscribed musician on YouTube beating the likes of Lady Ga Ga and Justin Bieber with a massive total of 4.2 million subscribers.


ShaneDawsonTV 2012 Most Followed 2012 Most Followed ShaneDawsonTV

Shane Dawson is a compliant that makes vlogs and short sketches, he’s been on YouTube for over four years which has helped him to get to 3.1 million subscribers.










Most Followed People On Pinterest


Joy Cho / Oh Joy! 2012 Most Followed 2012 Most Followed Joy Cho Oh Joy

Joy Cho is the most followed person on Pinterest by country mile with 11.1 million followers liking,commenting and repining her pins.





Bekka Palmer 2012 Most Followed 2012 Most Followed Bekka Palmer

Bekka Palmer is a designer , studiomate, tattly magic maker, and food lover living in Brooklyn. Bekka is the second most followed person on Pinterest with a total of 7.5 million followers.





Maryann Rizzo 2012 Most Followed 2012 Most Followed Maryann Rizzo

Maryann Rizzo works as an interior dsesgnier she pins images about design, cooking, gardening, entertaining, dressing to impress, and traveling. Maryann has grown her following to 7.5 million followers.





Jane Wang 2012 Most Followed 2012 Most Followed Jane Wang



Jane Wang was the most followed user this year up until March. Jane is the most active user on Pinterest pinning over 22,000 times. Jane’s total following is 7.3 million.




Cathie Hong 2012 Most Followed 2012 Most Followed Cathie Hong


Cathie Hong is a calligrapher which is type of visual writing.  She pins images of favorite dinning rooms to tattoos on people. Cathie has 7 million people follower pins.





Most Circled People On Google+


Britney Spears 2012 Most Followed 2012 Most Followed Britney Spears

Britney Spears is the most circled person on Google+ which may be surprise to some as there are more males. But Britney Spears started out early on Google+ and has grown to become queen on Google+ with a total of 5.5 million people circling her.





Lady ga ga 2 2012 Most Followed 2012 Most Followed Lady ga ga 2

Lady Ga Ga is the queen of Twitter and will be of Google+ very soon. Lady Ga Ga has 5.2 million people that are following, her she is gaining 4,000 more followers a day than the top spot Britney Spears.






Larry Page 2012 Most Followed 2012 Most Followed Larry Page

Larry Page the man that brought you Google is the third most followed user on Google+ with 4.8 million people that have circled him.






Snoop Dogg 2012 Most Followed 2012 Most Followed Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg has a surprisely large following on Google+ with a total of 4.7 million circling him.







David Beckham 2012 Most Followed 2012 Most Followed David Beckham

David Beckham the English soccer player is the most circled sports person with 4.3 million have added him to a circle.







Most Followed People

Rihanna 2012 Most Followed 2012 Most Followed Rihanna

Rihannna is the most followed person on the internet with a total of 96.9 million followers;

Facebook 64.6m

Twitter 26.9m

YouTube 4.2m

Google+ 1.2m


Lady Ga Ga 2012 Most Followed 2012 Most Followed Lady Ga Ga

Lady Ga Ga is closely in second with 93.4 million follower;

Facebook 54.6m

Twitter 31.6m

YouTube 2m

Google+ 520k


Justin Bieber 2012 Most Followed 2012 Most Followed Justin Bieber


The Canadian signer has a total following of 83.5  million followers;

Facebook 50m

Twitter 30.7m


YouTube 2.8m


Katy Perry 2012 Most Followed 2012 Most Followed Katy Perry

Katy Perry is ranked number four with a following of 81.9 million followers;

Facebook 50m

Twitter 29.5m

YouTube 2.4m




Sharkira 2012 Most Followed 2012 Most Followed Sharkira

The only non-western in the top five Shakira has a total following of 77.5 million;

Facebook 55.4m

Twitter 19.2m

YouTube 900k

Google+ 2m


I wish you a happy new year!



Featured image from Flickr, SweetCakery

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