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5 Simple Tips To Happiness On Twitter

Shane Atkins 5 years ago

This may sound like a bit of an odd topic to write about but stick with me.

I get bored on Twitter after reading several hundreds of people’s Tweets a day, most of the Tweets have some great core information but this still doesn’t make me happier on Twitter but here’s my top five ways to become happier while on Twitter, try them and be happy.

1. Smile

This is one the simplest and easiest way to increase your happiness, have your profile picture of you smiling as it will may make you smile more also other Tweeters will be more likely to interact with you.

Smart Girl









2.Look up

Have you ever heard of the phrase “things are looking up” it tells us that things are getting better, this may only be a phrase but it actually works, instead of  looking forward or down while browsing on Twitter make your device higher than you. Also have you ever looked up at the night sky and it’s pure beau-ti not make you smile. Look up tonight and improve your happiness.

Polar Bear Looking Up









3. Stand Up

Every-one does it, but did you know it can make you more productive and happier at the same time.  You’ll see the biggest benefits when you stand up when you are usually sitting. This is  easy on mobile devices but on laptops it gets trickier so would suggest trying out a stand up desk.

Baby Standing
















4. Dress to impress

Don’t  just Tweet in your underwear  make yourself feel good by putting on your favorite outfit, fragrance and make-up/moisturizers. By dressing to impress you’re making yourself feel amazing which will have an awesome affect with your Twitter marketing.

Men in Tuxedos


5. Create a plan

Many people on Twitter that are promoting something need to create a marketing plan of what they want to achieve, how they want to achieve it and when they’ll achieve it by. By having a clear plan that you keep hitting and renewing will make you more happier as you know exactly what you should be doing.




Which method works best for you?

Featured Images Credit:

Girl Smiling by mokra

Polar Bear Looking Up by Tambako the Jaguar

Baby Standing by sean dreilinger

Men With Painted Tuxedos by  Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer

Whiteboard Full Of Notes by  J’Roo

Lady Scarecrow by Ben.Millett



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