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Have A Juicy Online Marketing Project Planned?

Shane Atkins 5 years ago

New website design or online marketing project in the pipeline?

Can’t wait to get your teeth into new piece of software or project, you must ask yourself, ‘why’, why you’re doing it and what will the result be.

If the outcome of a project isn’t clear, you’ll waste a lot of time on things that probably don’t matter, which means that you or your business ends up wasting money – not good.

Clarity is something that most projects lack, but few people realise it, instead they spend hundreds – sometimes thousands of pounds on Pay Per Click and expensive website design but have no clear reason behind doing so. Before you start on any online marketing or website design (or redesign) project or task, here are a few questions that you as a business owner or marketing manager must answer – honestly.

So, as you’re being honest, if you can’t answer them easily and with just a few words or sentences, you probably haven’t spent enough time defining what your online marketing projects goals are.

Questions to help define the outcome of online marketing projects – what’s the point?

  1. Why are we pursuing this project?
  2. What will we have accomplished when the project is finished?
  3. What features need to be in place to complete this project?
  4. What is the primary goal of this project (e.g. sales, awareness etc)?
  5. What are the secondary goals of this project? (Secondary goals, if your primary goal is ‘sales’ could be  – social bookmarking, higher Google placement etc).

Remember, if you can’t answer these questions, go back to the drawing board, it’s important you have a reason for doing any online marketing task or project, otherwise you’e just creating jobs for yourself and wasting money.

– Especially important if you have a business or marketing manager working for you. Ensure they too can answer these questions and don’t be afraid to rock the boat.


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