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Get More Out of Social Media With Sulia

Shane Atkins 5 years ago

Get More Out of Social Media With Sulia

The term social media brings into mind pictures of facebook, twitter and youtube. The three social giants have dominated the social scene for a very long time. While facebook and twitter have a massive user base, Youtube provides high quality video content. Offlate there have been many new social media sites evolving that target users with new and innovative ways such as pinterest targets users through pins and boards where links can be shared for others to view. LinkedIn aims at connecting professionals. But each of these has a very limited reach that extends only to a limited number of followers. Sulia aims to change that by allowing people to connect through interests.

Twitter and its loopholes

The social media giant twitter has a very large reach but at the same time it is riddled with plenty of loopholes that have opened up a plethora of opportunities to several other companies that derive their bread and butter solely by filling these loopholes. URL shorteners have become as much important as twitter itself and then there are companies such as lustrous that help users find relevant twitter lists. Jonathan Glick is one of the many business entrepreneurs that have tried to build a business revolving around Twitter. But none of them have come close to what Jonathan has to offer and maybe that’s why Twitter is happy to find an ally in Sulia instead of being outraged at Sulia.

A few years ago, Twitter developers figured it was time they built their own in-house technology for filtering content instead of relying on apps such as Flipboard. So Jonathan on the other hand goes on to develop his own social media site that basically cleans up all the mess that is Twitter and presents it in a clean and neat manner based on popular topics. This is when Sulia comes into existance.

What does Sulia do?

Sulia aims at organizing the avalanche of tweets into a neatly organized subject based format. Sulia aims at bringing together all the experts from various sectors of the industry under one roof segregated by topics without having to deal with any spams. Sulia allows its users to publish content based on several different topics. Then other users can simply follow the topics instead of following individuals. Then you have the experts.

There are two ways in through which you can become an expert in any topic inside Sulia. The greater number of followers you have on sale for any given topic, the greater are your chances of becoming an expert. Secondly Sulia also tracks twitter lists to determine experts. For example, if you feature in a large number of lists for SEO on twitter and also publish about SEO on Sulia, you automatically get the status of an expert.

What’s in it for you?

The most obvious thing is that you can get a break from the never ending tweet mess into your twitter account and get everything neatly organized. All you have to do is choose a range of topics you like and get all the feed from those channels neatly organized in a stylish dashboard. But there’s much more than that at offer when you enter the world of Sulia especially if you want to market your content through social media. Sulia is a topic based social network. This means that if you share any piece of content, it can be viewed by everybody who has subscribed to the related topic and not just your followers. So you have a wider reach than any other social network can offer.

The only toughest part may be to become an expert but if you can get enough followers on twitter, you can also get enough of them on Sulia (enough for you to become an expert). But the real icing on the cake is that your reach is not limited by the number of your followers making it an excellent tool for content marketing.


Jessica Davis

Jessica Davis

Jessica Davis is a Content Strategy Specialist with Godot Media. She has years of experience in
working closely with online businesses, helping them refine their marketing strategy through optimum
use of content. Her other interests besides online content strategy, internet marketing and search
engine optimization are- technology, sports and even fashion. You can read her articles at http://


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