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Pinterest and Google+ Receive a MakeOver

Shane Atkins 5 years ago

If you’ve been using either Pinterest or Google+ today then you may have noticed  changes to both social networks.

The new Pinterest takes the horrible white box around every pin and leaves the pin naked expect for the bottom where you can now see who’s interacted with the pin.

They’ve changed the pinky red to a bold red which makes text easier to read now.

The new Pinterest has moved categories from a drop down in the middle of the page to a small cog in the top left.

Before when you hovered over pins Pinterest displayed an ugly Repin button now they’ve changed it completely, Pinterest have colored it bold red and now it has the text Pin it in the Pinterest style.

Lastly when you view a pin you can see it in all it’s glory there isn’t any display limits, you can easily see what other pins the pinner has pinned and liked, sharing the pin is easier with a new feature if you scroll down you’ll notice suggestions.

To get the new Pinterest hover your mouse over your profile picture in the top right and you should see at the bottom “switch to the New Look”.

New Pintrerest Look




Google+ has made a handful of updates most of them are on a users profile. The first one you’ll notice is that the cover photo is bigger which will please most of us.

When you start to scroll down a profile or page the menu follows you down so you can easily share their page,circle them or learn more about them, pretty neat.

My favorite new feature is about pages, Google  has added some cool colorful widgets which make learning about others a lot more interesting.

The last update on Google+ happens when you hover over some one’s profile picture, you can see their cover photo, their bio,where they live and it features some handy ways to get in contact with them.


New Google+ Look

Comment below your favorite update

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