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How to Contact a Person (on Social Networking Sites and Not Only)

Shane Atkins 5 years ago


Do you sometimes wish to have the phone number of the person that you outsourced your SEO work to? I’ve been there as well. Another case of such a situation would be the need to contact a site owner so that he removes hidden or footer links that you or he once put up and now you just need to get rid of them so that you don’t get under Google’s radar and get penalized. This post gives you a few ideas on how to get in touch with a site owner, even he does not really want that too much.

I’m working at a company that has this issue with hidden links, because those were once put in all web designs the company provides. As long as Google did not punish for that, it was kinda OK, but now it’s gotten really bad and I have to make sure that all the hidden links are removed from all the sites that are based on our web designs.

Other than that, we also decided to remove our footer links, because they are not cool for SEO either. So, I had these issues and I spent quite a while figuring out the best ways to contact site admins or owners.

The Problem
The issue with many site owners is that they just created sites and forgot about them. So, it’s pretty hard to get in touch with such site admins, but hard does not mean impossible, because,”If there’s a wish, there’s a way”. Right?

Contact Form or Email Address on Site
The first and the most obvious thing is to find the contact form or the email address of the site admin or owner and just contact him or her. If he does not reply within 3-4 days, it makes sense to remind, because your message may have been just unnoticed somehow (got directly to spam or something like that). If it’s the case, you need to send a second message just to double-check that. If you still don’t hear back, try to follow up in 4-5 days. Should you have no reply, move on to the next step.

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Twitter and Facebook
I usually send a message both via Twitter and Facebook, just in case. As a rule of thumb, they reply either from Twitter or Facebook. As far as I’m concerned, Twitter works better for me, but Facebook messages do their job quite well too. The problem is that the owner of the site may still live under the rock and not have neither Twitter nor Facebook account specified on his site, but there’s another way to contact the site owner.

WHOIS email address
You need to use this method as last resort, because it does not work in many cases. At least it’s my personal experience. You may just go to domaintools.com and just use that Search for Domain feature to find all the info that is available in the WHOIS record of that site. If the owner has hidden his contact details, you have nothing left, but contact the hosting provider. While doing so, make sure that you explain in great details why you need to contact the owner or admin of the site in question.

Though searching for contact info is rather cumbersome and boring, you can make use of site tools in order to automate the task. You may want to use the Contact Find tool from LinkResearchTools.com They have a free trial and that’s great because you can use it even if you’re not exactly ready to invest just now. It goes without saying that you’ll need to create an account with them if you need to search for contact details on a regular basis.

After one of the last Google updates, many sites will want to remove all kinds of grey hat or black hat SEO traits that they left back in the day. Especially if they have some kind of patterns. Knowing how to contact the site that has either hidden or footer links may be a game changer for you as an SEO pro. Did you ever have an issue contacting a site owner?


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