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Top 5 Accidents At Work Videos

Shane Atkins 5 years ago
As many bloggers start growing their businesses, it’s inevitable that among some of us, we will start to employ staff. Whether that’s simply an apprentice web designer or social media helper, or a PA to assist with guest appearances.


Although the above videos were pretty funny, as possible future employers who aim to hire office based staff it’s important to remember a few key things in terms of office and workplace safety – not only to keep your staff safe, but also to prevent any accident at work claims.  This is the transition between being self employed and taking on a whole host of extra responsibility, not only do you have to consider (at least here in the UK) PAYE, Employers NI for tax purposes, but checking that everything from computer and electrical equipment has been tested to ensuring your staff members have the right chair to sit on when working comes into play.

In the office environment there are loads of possible accidents waiting to happen, whether that be files or boxes on the floor that could be easily tripped over, or not so obvious – badly laid out work desks that result in bad posture and back, shoulder or neck damage.
All employers, not just those employing staff in what we bloggers would call the “dangerous” industries e.g. construction, factories etc, also require full training to ensure they can perform their daily duties without hurting themselves – and essentially, without causing any accident at work claims.
In office employer training they should remember to keep their desk space tidy, clearing the floor of any files or boxes. They should also know about the correct way to sit, sitting up straight at the right position on an adjustable chair, and with the computer screen tilted at just below eye level.
Shane Atkins

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