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Social media has been growing fast in the recent past. Although Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the current heavy hitters, Pinterest has fast caught up and is the fourth most popular after them. Concerning use of social media in business processes, creating strategy, guided by deep insights into the users can achieve greater, larger and profitable audiences. The following hot social media tools are the best you need in 2013.

Plagiarism checker

PlagTracker Hot Social Media Tools For 2013 Hot Social Media Tools For 2013 PlagTracker

It’s becoming very important to ensure that the content you publish on social media is unique and original. Plagtracker is a tool that will ensure your social media content is unique and respectable among peers, competitors and fans/followers.


Pinfluencer Logo Hot Social Media Tools For 2013 Hot Social Media Tools For 2013 Pinfluencer Logo

Pinfluencer is a marketing and analytics platform for Pinterest. It helps you measure the ROI of your Pinterest activity. It tracks pins from your website, pins from your boards, followers, and other engagement. Pinfluencer helps its users identify brand advocates and prospective customers, ensuring the use of Pinterest to its full potential. Customers and its users contact them for pricing, but Pinfluencer offers a 14-day trial and a free demo.


instagram-logo Hot Social Media Tools For 2013 Hot Social Media Tools For 2013 instagram logo

Instagram is a social network that made a big impact in 2012, but often overlooked. Instagram having experienced growth of more than 1,100% since being acquired by Facebook, it is still a network to be watched as it has acquired a great audience. The latest release of Instagram-Twitter fight, photo sharing is important to users and any new tools that spring up look up to Instagram as an add-on to the platform.

Instagram extension is also available on Google and brings it right to your browser. One is not needed to be on phone to manage Instagram activity, and instead can conveniently access everything you needed right from Chrome. And they’ve made the interface as similar to Instagram as possible, making for quick and easy adoption.

Consumers are spending more than a third of social networking time on mobile apps. Therefore mobile are springing up for use during TV watching, to manage a contest, to share music.

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Facebook page managers

Facebook-Pages-Manager-for-Android-Updated-to-Version-1-2 Hot Social Media Tools For 2013 Hot Social Media Tools For 2013 Facebook Pages Manager for Android Updated to Version 1 2

Facebook Pages Manager, which was only released this year, is geared toward social media professionals. Users can manage our brand’s Facebook Page without interfering without interfering with personal accounts.

In 2012, Pinterest showed that Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter will not be guaranteed the top spots forever. All social networks will have to keep innovating in order to keep our attention. It’s clear, however, that social media should no longer be considered some separate entity when it comes to marketing strategy.

Social can now be integrated into every marketing activity you do, and definitely deserve a place in your plan for 2013.

We should expect to see social media tools, analytics, and apps that will allow for us to better maximize optimize, and report on our social media activity and spend.


quozio_logo Hot Social Media Tools For 2013 Hot Social Media Tools For 2013 quozio logo

This fun tool, comes with a bookmark option, allows one to create an image out of text on the Web, making the text or quote perfectly pin-able for Pinterest.


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