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Technologies that are Making Restaurants More Social

Shane Atkins 5 years ago

Making the world more digitally social has reached just about every industry. Some industries have certainly been more effective at implementing effective social strategies than others, but it has been difficult to fully separate the social media proliferation and impact from any industry, including those in the restaurant sector. With enhancements coming from every angle, let’s discuss a bit further how the digital media has had an impact on the restaurant sector in the last decade.

Mobile Apps. 

Mobile applications, including mobile integration into such platforms as Yelp, Twitter, Groupon and Facebook have all had an immense impact on pushing restaurant sales on the end user. Such applications have become more prolific as smartphones have infiltrated every market segment from teen to retiree.

Think for a moment what the world would be like without Groupon and LivingSocial deal codes and the ability to share? It’s literally changed the way many of us shop and try new and interesting restaurants.

Digital Signage

While not new, digital signage has been making its way into the forefront of the quick serve restaurant (QSR) digital revolution. Generally used for digital menu board installations, digital signage offers some unique benefits to making the restaurant environment a bit more social by including the following key features:

  • Schedulability. The menu software generally provides the unique ability to schedule various 
  • Interactivity. Touchscreen digital signs can even provide ordering capabilities, be integrated with the screen, allowing for credit card purchases.
  • Integration. Integrated with mobile and social, some digital menus can work directly with Facebook, Twitter tweets and Groupon updates and QR Codes .
  • Tablets and More. Even today’s tablets are providing enhanced services for point-of-sale, merchant and tablet digital menu solutions.

Truly today’s restaurant has become like a scene from Michael J. Fox’s second Back to the Future film.

QR Codes

In conjunction with the other digital messaging systems being used to promote restaurant sales, QR codes have helped to further proliferate the restaurant scene down to the most local level by giving restaurant owners the ability to reach and track their patrons after the sale has been made and when the sale may be made later in the future. They also help to self-filter though the less-interested crowd by being a gateway in and of themselves.

With the expanded use of social media both in our homes, on our phones and in stores, there will likely be many other ways in which social media will integrate with other technologies so as to enhance our restaurant-visiting experiences. GPS anyone? I guess that’s a topic for another time.



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