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Review: Facebook’s Updates

Shane Atkins 5 years ago

It seems that Facebook is pulling out all the stocks to win back it’s 1 million users that it reportedly lost recently. But with so many updates coming from the site, which ones should people anticipate, and which ones are going to enhance the Facebook experience?

Graph Search:

This is supposed to be a more detailed search tool for the site. However, with the main purpose of Facebook being to connect friends and to talk with them, is it really necessary to have new programmed searches such as “list friends that like Star Wars”? Because, to be honest, most of us want to find long lost friends than find similarities within your friend circles.

The New Home Screen:

Facebook is now aiming to make it’s news feed more easier and colourful (see my previous post about the New News Feed) like it’s mobile phone versions. This is a great improvement. Looking at it on the business side of things, it is important to maintain consistency (house style in particular) across a range of places, and that everything involving the business is similar. Personally, I think this will be a great improvement to the site.

Charging for Messages:

The most recent change that has been announced by Facebook, and by far the most controversial update, is now that Facebook is charging users to message those outside their mail lists, such as “friends of friends’ and celebrities. Weird? I know. But I think that it is completely unnecessary. Not many of us message “friends of friends”, and some us message celebrities (I know on Twitter that a large amount of people ask celebrities to follow them back), so has the update been put in place to merely reduce fanmail? If so, it’s a bit is a silly update if you ask me.

With these changes coming up soon, it will be up to Facebook users once again decide if they want to keep using the app. Will you?
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