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Why Should You Improve/Remove Low Quality Pages

Shane Atkins 5 years ago

Search engines have changed the way they used to rank website. We’ve already covered a variety of topics on how to increase/improve the rankings of your blog in search engine results, and now it’s time we turn your attention towards something that you may have been neglecting and it has the potential to turn out as a silent killer in the end.

You may be updating your blog daily; writing fresh content, adding videos, attracting social media attention etc. However, you may not be paying attention to your old blog posts, the one’s you wrote last year or so. How much page views are they getting? Are they still attracting viral attention? Are they still receiving comments from the readers? These are all important questions you should be asking.

Old blog posts shouldn’t be neglected, because if they aren’t getting traffic or attention, chances they’ll be marked as of low quality by search engine algorithms, and there’s a genuine reason for that too; why would search engine keep something that doesn’t get seen by anyone? People are already criticizing search engine companies for showing unnecessary results.

You may not see the bigger picture, but when search engines mark even few pages of your site as of low quality, the whole domain can go down in terms of traffic; you may have heard of algorithms like Google Panda. This is what they’re related to.

So how do you see pages that can be marked as of low quality? It’s quite simple. Use whichever tool that you do to monitor your traffic and see the posts that haven’t gotten any page views or traffic in a while. They can be posts based on news that happened in 2008, a tutorial for some smartphone model that has been discontinued and similar topics.

After finding out low quality pages, the next step required is their removal from the search engine index, or the other way out is to improve them. Updating old blog posts shouldn’t be a problem, and it can be done from any computer or device connected to a viable internet connection like the one present in clear offers.

Old blog posts can be improved in several ways; you can add more to a best smartphone list, add a new video on a topic etc. Removing something that is no longer useful is no difficult feat either. All that’s required is the installation of a plugin (for a WordPress Blogger) or a few line changes on robots.txt file (for a Blogger using Google’s Blogger platform). There are several YouTube videos available as well to see how to remove a blog post from search engine results.

There are several reasons by performing the action of removing low quality pages is important. Here are few of them

1. Removing low quality pages makes a blog/website less prone to search engine attacks.

2. The audience coming to the website considers it as a more valuable source; only containing media and text-based content that’s useful.

3. Other bloggers and business owners in a similar niche industry respect websites that rank only high quality pages.

4. Removal of low quality pages may increase rankings within the search engines, making it good for search engine optimization.

5. The conversions for the website may increase.

6. The bounce rate (the time visitor takes to leave a web page) is likely to reduce.

Your efforts now to scrap out unnecessary pages can give your blog better returns in the future.


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