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8 Changes To My Blog And Why I Made Them

Shane Atkins 5 years ago

I’ve been blogging for almost a year now but this week has seen the biggest changes to my blog ever.  I’ve been scanning my Google Analytics optimizing every piece of my blog so you can get the most from my posts and guest posts.

Why I Made The Changes?

I wanted to make the content number one again with no distractions.

What I changed?

1. Sharing buttons:

There are literally thousands of sharing buttons for blogs I decided to change from ShareThis to Po.st as I preferred the smooth look,feel and simplicity.

I also added a sharing bar to all my posts which scrolls with you, so you can easily share anything you like.

Social Sharing Change

2. Homepage

With my WordPress theme I can easily move anything around as it’s all widgeted. I decided  to change from the old layout as it was messy and confusing to a new layout to clear out all the clutter and mess.

You can now see that my home page is as simple as it can be. Showcasing two main posts with large images than categories below split into two social media and blogging.  The widgets on the left only display the thing  you need to know about with nothing else.

I changed from three columns to just two as three  wasn’t working for my blog after asking  people and reading my Google Analytics I think it looks cleaner and easier to read now.

3.The Footer is Gone!

Before any changes my footer was a place where I displayed where I featured across the internet, my blog’s  archive and a influencer award from Kred.

That was fine it looked O.K but now I’m  starting to write more and more guest posts and as I like to display their logos there isn’t enough room in the footer anymore. So I’ll be creating a page very soon where I’ll feature all my guest posts,awards and features across the internet.

In the footer I displayed my archives which have moved to the left hand widget now.

4.  Quicker Loading Times

One problem I had with my blog was the loading times of my posts it could take up to eight seconds just to load a single post this was unacceptable and very annoying for you. So I’ve bought this WordPress plugin:  Performance Optimizer Plugin for WordPress that optimizing all my pages and posts to be quicker for you.

The plugin doesn’t load all the information from my posts it only loads the text until you scroll down to the image,video or flash object.

5. No Annoying Adsense!

I got rid of Google Adsense ads as they look spammy and half the time they aren’t related to the content. Even though I was making some good money through Adsense I decided to put content first.

There are still ads on my blog but they aren’t intruding you, the first advert is MOO.com a fantastic place to get your business cards from. The second advert is from SproutSocial an awesome tool for managing your social media. The last advert is from GroSocial the easiest and simplest way to add apps to your Facebook pages.

I use all these businesses and will continue using them have any questions about them then feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to  answer your questions.

6. Post Recommendations

This is one of the most important changes to my blog, it allows you to find more awesome content from my blog. I’m currently using Nrelate which is a free WordPress plugin that gives awesome recommendations from your blog about the post you’ve just read. They look great as well.

You can find the recommendations at the end of this post.

Social Recommendations

7. Super Easy Guest Posting

I love having guest bloggers write on my blog as it gives you different views ,opinions and writing styles which liven up my blog. I used to find it annoying asking people to register to my blog then write their post then upload a featured image then publish it. So I found plugin to assist me.

I’ve removed all these unwanted steps now anyone can publish their posts by heading to “Submit Your Post” in the menu and register which is super easy then write you post on the page your title, choose you category and  add an image and your done.  I’ll then check over your post within 24 hours then publish it.

8. New Contact Page

I’ve changed the boring old contact page to a lively contact page which features a form where you can choose which message type you would like to contact me through which makes things a lot easier and quicker to get your message to me.

You can still contact me though my email which is [email protected]


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