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Online Shopping: The Newest Way to Get What You Need

Shane Atkins 5 years ago

Internet usage over the last decade has increased dramatically, as has the trend of shopping online. An interesting correlation between online users and shopping found that nearly 85% of all internet users across the globe also do at least some shopping online. These staggering statistics also make the prediction that in 2013 we will see e-commerce across the planet rise to revenues over 1 trillion dollars. This means that online shopping is a trend here to stay and that people all over the globe are taking advantage of what online shopping can do to help them get what they need.

What Items Do Online Shoppers Need?

With so much shopping being done via the internet, it begs the question of what items are being purchased. 55% of all that is bought online is media oriented items such as books, movies and music, while 38% is spent towards computers, technical gadgets, and video games. Other frequently purchased items include clothing, shoes and apparel as well as health and beauty products.

The Mobile Wave Affecting Shopping

Just as we’ve seen internet usage increase over the years, we’ve also seen a trending wave in cell phones and Windows 8 tablets being used to access the internet. It is approximated that 10% of all internet access throughout the planet is done via mobile devices, meaning that some online shopping is probably done on smart phones and tablets. In fact, research has found that 67% of online shoppers use mobile device to shop online. The mobile wave also affects more than shopping over the internet; it can assist shoppers in the stores as well. 56% of global shoppers admit to using their smartphones to compare online shopping prices with those in the store.

Getting What You Need

As predictions in 2013 estimate ecommerce revenues will be over 1 trillion dollars, we expect to see an increased amount of online shopping being done over mobile devices to assist shoppers in the purchasing of items they need.


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Alan McMahon works for Dell and is involved in marketing consumer and enterprise solutions across a range of products from tablet PCs and servers to storage and virtualization. Alan McMahon is based in Ireland and enjoys sailing as a pass time.

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