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Why Your Blog Should be Using Google+ Comments?

Shane Atkins 5 years ago

Google+ comments on your business blog

Whether your blog is running on WordPress,Blogger or using plain HTML you’ll probably be using a a plain comment box where people can easily add their comment,name and website. Quite a few blogs use this method  it’s completely adequate for blogging.

I installed Google+ comments on my blog as an experiment to see what they looked like and if there where any-other benefits to using it.

Why Your Business Blog Should be Using Google+ Comments?

The number reason why I have Google+ comments installed on my site is so I can easily see who has shared my post on Google+ and if anyone has interacted with their share.  Google+ comments allows you to easily circle and interact with your readers.

Another great reason is that there are over 500 million Google+ users that love sharing and interacting with content on Google+. Currently it’s the fastest growing social network with over 625,000 new profiles a day.

Your readers can share your post with who they like with circles or in a community which opens your post to more  interactions.

The commenting system allows your readers to easily personalize the comments to them, comments that are from everyone or from people they’ve circled. Your readers can also organize the comments from the best to newest which is pretty cool.


How to install Google+ comments?

If you’re using WordPress like I am then follow this link that will send you to a site where you can download a third party WordPress plugin.

Using a different CMS or HTML then here’s a guide on how to add the commenting box with HTML, guide by DashBurst.


Comment below to see how a Google+ comment looks!

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