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Shane Atkins 5 years ago

“Our head of social media is the customer.”- Mc Donald’s

Unlike traditional marketing platforms which are “self promotion- centric”, social media platforms like Twitter work on a different principle altogether, that of being “customer-centric”. Though many are of the opinion that you possibly cannot pay attention to your 3000+ followers on Twitter, businesses that are well versed with the rules of the game thoroughly comprehend the importance of caring about Twitter followers like flowers.

Picture yourself without them

The fact that having sizeable and avid followers on Twitter helps you connect and build relations with your customers, increases your brand awareness, enables you to carry out marketing surveys and feedback and introduce new products and special offers as well as boosts your online reputation, is only secondary. The primary reason that underlines the importance of your followers on Twitter is extremely simple. It’s because a follower is somebody who listens to you. Your very existence on Twitter is based on the existence of your followers. Visualize having a Twitter account with zero followers; you can tweet all day long, but it’s akin to having a conversation with yourself! That precisely highlights the importance of having followers on Twitter, both in terms of quality and quantity.

The Quality versus Quantity debate

While the quantity of your followers refers to their numerical value, their quality refers to their relevance to your niche and the interest they display by being responsive and engaging in conversations with you. The age-old debate between quality and quantity of your followers on Twitter is actually baseless, because both aspects complement each other. Quality is important because it is pointless to have 5000 followers who are silent watchers, and are not interested in interacting with you; similarly it is not possible to make head way if you arrive at a stage where your follower count refuses to budge beyond 200.

Knowing them can make all the difference

Most businesses make the mistake of focusing solely on the number of followers that they have, without bothering to actually know them better. To action a successful marketing campaign on Twitter, it is important to know to know your followers in terms of age groups, gender, geographical location, and most importantly, the type of tweets that they prefer to retweet and share (which you can adjudge from tools like Retweetrank). Based on your understanding of them, you can effectively streamline your tweets for better responses. With your followers retweeting your tweets, the potential reach of your message will widen, to reach their followers, their follower’s followers and so on. Apart from giving an impetus to lead generation, engaging in meaningful conversations with them can help you remain connected and updated about recent developments in your niche.

Respect begets Respect

Whether it is in real life, or over social media platforms like Twitter, you gain respect when you give respect, and vice versa. When somebody follows you on Twitter, it displays their respect and interest in listening to what you have to say; therefore, following back is a basic mark of respect. Listening to what they have to say, and retweeting them signifies further respect, which will definitely make them reciprocate. For those who feel they cannot manage to keep up with so many followers, or the fact that some of them might turn out to be spammers, the option of categorizing your followers into lists is always open. Besides, there are a large number of free online tools like Usequitter, Twepe, Followerwonk, Tweepi and Contaxio that enable you to save a lot of time and effort on managing your Twitter followers.

Good followers are your prized possessions; show them that you care!

The internet is filled with ads that promise to give you 1000, 2000 or 3000 free Twitter followers and so on; what they don’t guarantee is their responsiveness, and what they don’t tell you is that they would be inactive, pseudo-followers, not relevant to your niche. Genuinely interested followers are hard to get, but are worth the effort. Because they are the ones who genuinely want to read your tweets, retweet them to help you reach out to fresh audiences, ask you about your offerings, tell you about themselves and possibly want to purchase what you advertise. You certainly need to care about them like flowers, by searching for them, knowing them, conversing with them, understanding what they like and offering to engage them. After all, it is important to make your followers feel that you are worth following!


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Himanshu Saxena is SEO Strategist at TIIT Solutions, a company that provides seo, web development and web designing services. He also writes for his blog GeekSEOTips. You can contact him on twitter @himanshusaxenaa
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