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Cool Tips to Promote Your Restaurant on Facebook

Shane Atkins 5 years ago


Facebooking to extend the mouth watering fragrances and the dining experience beyond the four walls of your restaurant is a good marketing choice. But it doesn’t end at creating a page for your restaurant, posting updates and inviting people. It starts here. Learn the recipe of a buzzing Facebook page for your restaurant.


Use multimedia to secrete juices

We all know that there are too many restaurant pages on Facebook. They all flaunt the images of the dishes they offer. So how do you make your dishes the yummiest and most tempting? Create videos of your dishes and turn them into temptresses. A video of hot melted chocolate being poured on a doughnut with a sensory narration does make one salivate more than the image of a chocolate doughnut.

Uploading videos of your ‘prized’ dishes is further more appealing, like Krispy Kreme’s pumpkin spice doughnut. Something unique for your taste buds, right?

Interact whole heartedly (with a full stomach)

Build a bond with your fans by interacting with them on your wall. Respond to queries and concerns promptly. Everybody likes punctuality! Acknowledging people who have taken time to appreciate your restaurant goes a long way. Typing just a ‘thank you’ will ensure that people remember you when they are hungry!

It’s not really cool to discriminate by replying to only those who have a huge friend network because you feel doing so will help you attract their friends to your page. Value everyone in the community, irrespective of their friend count. When people know that you value them, they will pick you when they have their hunger pangs. Chipotle replies to almost every post within an hour or two.

If you too are willing to allow posts from fans on your page, ask them to post their wedding or birthday feast pictures that will be put up for voting. Papa John allows posts from fans on its page.

App tales

The Facebookers love apps. It’s maybe the next new addiction. Spend a little to create an app for the FB community. Pizza hut’s app allows people to order pizzas online. After the app was launched, most people opted for this service instead of placing an order over the phone as they found the former more convenient.

However, if you can’t afford to spend to create an app and have to use that money to buy spices for your food; don’t fret. Check out the admin section and you will find polls, discussion boards, quizzes and several other apps that can be easily installed before the soup turns cold.

Link via the business card

Give a business card to every customer that visits your restaurant which has the QR scan box embedded. Link this to your Facebook page and Facebook apps from where they can continue their dining experience online.

Honesty is best policy

Somebody posted a bad comment about the burger or the pizza your chef prepared? Let it display on your page, and instead offer a quick apology and a solution towards perfection. This simple principle of being transparent distinguishes a good restaurant from a bad one.

But, when you get a good review from the press or a blog, share it on your page. After all you’ve worked to acquire the goodness of the reviewer. More publicity will attract more customers any day.

Graham Elliot, an eatery in Chicago is one that shares its press posts in a huge fashion while publicizing the events they will be organizing. The good reviews work to attract people for the upcoming event.

Make them print to imprint your brand

Offering free meals is fine and many restaurant pages use this tactic. You need to do something which will help people remember your restaurant. Posting images of your restaurant with printable discount coupons helps in reinforcing your brand into the user’s mind.

He will only remember you because of the discount, but he will also remember the print out he took before coming to your establishment. We usually don’t take printouts before filling our tummies at a restaurant.  But if we do, we will surely remember it!

Post on D-day

Uploading videos and images keeping the day in mind can work wonders. Island Creek Oyster Bar posted a tempting video of their dishes on National Oyster day, not only making people crave their oysters (earning good sales) but also informing people about the existence of  this sort of a day.




Image source: http://3.gourmetmarketing.co/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/social-media-marketing-for-restaurants.png

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