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Role of Facebook Fan Pages in Social Media Marketing

Shane Atkins 4 years ago

We hear the word “Social Media” every now and then, however, if you are not that much into socialising then then you wouldn’t be familiar with the term. Thus, one can go online and check out the easy definition of social media to understand the term. Regular media is one-way road similar to your newspaper offering a limited capability to share thinking and agendas on the matter. And on the other side, social media is two-way active pathway that offers you the capability to interact and respond.

With the advancement in the internet technology, social media has also undergone great evolution. Few years ago, MySpace was a great place to be but today, its traffic has drastically waned. Ravalry is another new community with more than 12, 00,000 users. As expected, the memberships majorly comprise of females.

As per the survey of Facebook:

  • The number of members has drastically increased from 500 million users to 600 million users
  • 50% of the active users of the site log in daily
  • An average user has 130 friends
  • On a monthly average people spend more than 700 billion minutes on Facebook

Thus, every social media webpage appeals to diverse user base as compared to other sites.

An important consideration about Social Media website usage is that most of them offer a standard playing area when you consider small business entrepreneurs V/S big brands. For example, you can create a Facebook Fan Page for your offline work automobile store; the automobile manufacturer can do the same. However, you as well as the multi dollar car maker both have an access to the same Facebook tools and resources. On Twitter, both you and multinational company have limited tweet of 140 characters. There is no way in which they can buy more characters and throw you out of the race.

While deciding the Social media website for your social media marketing activities, you should check out the membership of the site, evaluate its culture and find out the interaction level of the members. It is important that the social media site you have opted carries traffic of those people whose interest lies with your goals and is compatible with your aims too.  Facebook made some changes that allow you to control your content on business Fan Page helping your products to build a good brand image to work as game changer.

Monitor the efficiency of social media website you choose for your business and look out for other things too. With all this in mind, Facebook and Twitter are the widest used social media website for offline business and brand loyalty.

Facebook for Small Companies

Facebook seems to begin from an academic level, where it offers you suggestion add friends who have similar likings and extend your network, offers you the option of Facebook likes which makes you like the pages and brands of your choice. Another great ability is that you can link websites i.e. Facebook Fan pages and Twitter. If you check out the latest reviews about Facebook on internet, you will find that the craze and popularity of this superb social media site is increasing day by day.

Google AdWords V/S Facebook Ads

A great marketing advantage rendered by Facebook is that it offers PPC advertising also known as Facebook ads. Google AdWords and Facebook AdWords are Pay per Clicks and you get money when anyone clicks on the ads. However, there is a difference:

In Facebook, the ads are featured in vertical stacks on the sides of the page. The content is short and text is simple.  However, the Google Ads are displayed with search results as well on the site pages related to the ads. Via the mechanism, these ads are displayed with online searches and also as per the geographical location.

The ads of Facebook are presented to the people who fulfill the demographic requirements as well as the interest of the users while the Google AdWords are featured as per the content of the page.

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Shane Atkins

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