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Twtrland the Latest and Greatest Social Analytics Tool

Shane Atkins 4 years ago

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of chatting with Guy Avigdor the founder and business developer  for the social analytics tool Twtrland.  He introduced me to one of their newest marketing products they’ll be unveiling soon.

What is Twtrland?

It’s a social analytics tool that gives you without a doubt the highest level of insights and statistics that actually matter to your business. The tool allows you to dig deep into Twitter and Instagram to find out some amazing things for instance, I can find out the most followed celebrity in London that loves sport. The tool works for any town or city you try. Which is fantastic for marketing reasons.

 twitrland sport london

Twtrland  has more in depth details about influence than Klout and Kred so you can easily and quickly see who are the most influential people your town.  Also Twtrland helps you clear the robots from the  humans as it has a nice pie showcasing how a Tweeter is Tweeting.


I was going to have a Google+ hangout with Guy but his webcam wasn’t working so we had a voice chat and shared each others desktops.  Guy showed me a brand new analytics tool on Twitrland that I lets you dig deep into hashtags,replies and mentions of any word you choose with some nice graphs to showcase these of. I can honestly say these analytics absolutely amazed me it’s like Google Analytics for your social media.

Guy told me that they are going to be introducing, Facebook,Google+,LinkedIn,Quora and Stackoverflow soon to Twtrland.

How business can use Twtrland?

You can search and follow the most influential people that live around your business. Search for people that have skills around your business for instance a bakery business could type in baking as skill and search within their town. And follow them and then ask them all to come down to their bakery for and Tweet for a free cupcake.

A restaurant may use Twtrland to find food bloggers in their area to invite them in for a free meal if they review their food.


In Depth analytics and statistics:

Daily and monthly impressions of your Tweets

Know the gender of your followers

Where in the world they are

What skills your followers may have

And how old they might be

Below are some analytics of mentions of the brand Nike.

Some insights about the brand Nilke.

Twtrland is one of the best tools out there today, it helps you find the right people to follow and organizes your followers into different lists with some see great insights about your brand on both Twitter and Instagram.


And best of all Twtrland is free!

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