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When the e-mail campaign doesn’t work for you, something must be wrong

Shane Atkins 4 years ago

Marketing is the backbone of every business. It takes your business to the next level in a few days if used properly and when applied even more correctly, you are sure to welcome a few new customers always. If that’s the dream of everyone and the aspiration of every marketer, we can take heart from the ‘everything you imagine is real’ quote.


Email marketing is the butter on the bread today; giving you so much in so little time. And far more effective than the ‘romantic’ SEO. But every game has its rules, if you have been there and came out scratching your head, here is why your email campaign failed…


First off, emails are not to be sent to just about anyone, it can’t be that way and probably thats the first undoing of most marketers.Some of the recipients will actually report as spam what they feel bothers them and they will never think of you again. Best e-mails are those that are short, concise and purposeful with a target and a theme. Again precision is a must, let the message be clear from the first read.

The other point is to focus on building links. As much as you want to have the prospects calling you on a contact number, link building works much better. The impact of putting a contact number in an email is minimal especially if its the only contact information you are giving out as most prospects do not fancy unknown people; thats why a link is the best option. Always include a link to your website and while we are at that your privacy policy should also be linked. Contact e-mails actually work better than phone numbers.It’s therefore easy to see that a single email could fill a whole page if you aren’t careful.


A missing “Unsubscribe” link could also be another reason why your email campaign failed! Surely for every beginning there must be an end; thats a right that should not be denied. In some governments its already a legal requirement that “Unsubscribe” links be included in marketing emails for purposes of trust building. It is also a way to free some of your memory now and again. If you don’t want to be fighting thousands of ‘aggrieved’ customers at some point, allow them to leave once they feel they are done with you.


Finding a company to distribute the emails can be beginning of another downfall. Take your time and identify a reputable company to do the job. Cheap is expensive, but haggle the prices to reasonable figures. There are quite a lot of reputable services which, however, are meant for big businesses, so if you happen to be just a starting Internet entrepreneur, you might not want to spend all your budget on email marketing. Try to search for less known ones. They might have less features and computing power, but again, why kill a fly with a gun?


Before you even start sending your newsletter, especially after a long break, make sure that your audience is still with you. Check if all the email addresses are valid, that is. Email boxes come and go and sending your pitch to a non-existent one over and over again isn’t something you want to do. It can be accomplished with a simple program. This kind of programs is relatively simple, so it’s unlikely you will have difficulties finding the right one.

If these guidelines are followed and incorporated in an email marketing campaign, e-mails are meant to work, they should work and work well. If not, well, there might be a little bit more work to do. But be not afraid – there is no problem that can not be solved just by looking at the figures for a couple of minutes. If you still have problems, you can reach me at [email protected] and we will think about your problem together. I am an expert in these sort of things? Me and my colleges run mass email service of our own, so we’ve seen lots of failures, both our own and those our clients had, but all of us learned our lesson.


The main thing to remember – never be afraid of failure, learning what things you shouldn’t do even through your own experience is no less valuable than doing everything right the first time but having zero information about pitfalls you might encounter later on. Homer Simpson might be right, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

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