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How to grow your small business on Twitter?

Shane Atkins 4 years ago

Yesterday I had the pleasure of joining  Twitter’s small business marketing leader Anne M and GroSocial‘s founder Zach Mangum in a webinar, about how you can grow your small business on Twitter.  As you may of missed some of there must have Twitter tips I thought I would share the best ones with you now.


Why use Twitter?

In the webinar Anne said Twitter has over 400 million Tweets a day and 200 million active Tweeters these numbers are from June 2013. These two large numbers are a big enough reason to join Twitter.


How to enhance your Twitter profile?

Twitter allows you to change your background,header image and play around with colours. Your Twitter profile is where people will go to find out more about you, I learnt yesterday that including hashtags in your Twitter bio actually helps your Twitter profile rank higher in search engines. Anne said don’t include too many hashtags as it can make it harder for a potential customer to read your profile.


Make your header image seasonal and relevant to the times. GroSocial’s header image is a school theme as children will be going back to school soon, with the text “create your back to school theme with GroSocial” so they’re are also making their  tool relevant to the times. Being relevant to the times helps keep people maintain interest in your business.

GroSocial Header

GroSocial Header

Who should you follow?

Follow people that are influential in your industry and your ideal customers. Zach said follow your competition but don’t obsess and compare your interactions and follow count with them.  Check out Twtrland to influential Tweeters in your area.

Why use hashtags?

They’re a great way of promoting an event whether this be at a physical location or online hashtags are great for both. Yesterday GroSocial used the hashtag #twitter4smb to promote their webinar.

When you use a hashtag in a Tweet your Tweet will be seen by more people as you’ve selected it as a keyword you want  to be found for.

What should I Tweet about?

Anne said Tweet about the latest news from your business, also Tweet images and Vines as a Tweet is 140 characters while a Vine is a thousand words. Vines and images receive twice as much engagement as a normal Tweet.

Should I Tweet every day?

There as numerous studies into finding the magic number but Anne and Zach told me that  there is no magic number. As long as you’re Tweeting good engaging content it doesn’t really matter how often you Tweet. Zach talked about Tweet as much as you can but make it engaging and relevant and most importantly “make it count”.

Anne said  make your Tweets consistent for example if you Tweeted a special discount off your product on Friday afternoon at a certain time, do the same next week and the week after as people will go to your feed to check out your feed to find the deal.

Twitter Etiquette:

Twitter is life online, if someone on the street asks you question you’re probably going to answer them, if someone asks you for help you’re going to try and help them, right. This is exactly the same on Twitter when people ask your business questions do your best to answer them within 24 hours, the faster you get back the better customer service you’re giving.

How can I can get more customers from Twitter?

The simple answer is match your Tweets to why someone is on Twitter. Twitter has created the chart below which shows what people are looking for most on Twitter.  Having  weekly discounts is a great way of getting your small business noticed while gaining more customers.

grow your small business on Twitter


Quick tips to grow your small business on Twitter:

Be genuine when you Tweet so use your tone of voice and being casual as people can easily tell if you aren’t. So just be yourself.


Listen to the feed and wait for the best time to join in the conversation.


Keep your Tweets in the now, so Tweet relevant up to date news that will keep your followers wanting more.


Tweet exclusive content so your followers feel closer to your business Anne gave the example of how a shoe shop Tweeted about a this seasons must  have shoes that just arrived in the shop, so they Tweeted a picture of them in the box. This is a  great teaser that will keep a buzz around your business.


And lastly remember to create  goals for using Twitter is it to gain more traffic to your site, grow your influence? Once you have your goals in mind set a time you wish to have them completed by.

How does your small business use Twitter?

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