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Home Blogging/SEO How to write a blog post with WordPress?

How to write a blog post with WordPress?

Writing a blog post with WordPress

Writing blog posts on WordPress can be a daunting task when you first start to use it. You may feel like you’re in Nasa’s Control room with all the buttons and features here. Don’t let this put you off as WordPress was built to help people to blog.

Here’s what you’ll be learning :

  • What you can blog about?

  • Where to start writing a new post?

  • How to create headings and why you need them?

  • Inserting images and how to add a featured image

  • Inserting links to words and images

  • Checking for spelling and grammar

  • Adding tags and categories and why you should?

  • Previewing your post

  • Scheduling posts and how it benefits you?

  • Editing old posts

What should I blog about?

Any special news about your business or members staff for example “VSB Raises £100 for charity”. People will be wondering how they raised the money and for which charity. This makes makes your business more interesting which people like.

Deals,discounts and giveaways are loved on the Internet. If your business sells something people can touch then you could giveaway or add a discount only to the those people that read that post. If your business sells services then you can offer your services or a free session away to people.

Your recent portfolio, if you make,design or help someone that has obvious benefits then blog about it. For example a website designer could blog about a recent website they’ve created, the challenges and things they’ve enjoyed with some screenshots and links to the website.

Posts that show your human side, these posts are casual but still focused on your industry for example one post could be ” Top Ten Cats That Could Cut Your Hair” this example is for hairdressers, it could display some funny videos or memes that make the reader smile.

Where to start writing a new post?

Firstly you’ll want to login-into your WordPress account by adding /wp-admin after your websites name. After you’ve logged in you’ll land on the your dashboard. From here there are two ways to start writing your post, the first way is just a simple hover over posts in the left column and then clicking on add new.The second way is just as easy just head to any page on website and you’ll see a WordPress drop down bar click on add new.

The screenshot below shows you how to add a new post while on you website.write a blog post with WordPress How to write a blog post with WordPress? 9cYL8YgKBzHuUtNQdy0VROSyHiTcR8N5uO8ul9vIivlvY9TQnWU w3 2 5Mvi7cvsmWGEnpVDM5CPdXGG1Xr5nO99yGWlz0FxR0iInGdPfeiqBE81LFmil9CEQ

Adding a title and headings

Having a title and headings makes your post easier to understand for your readers and search engines like Google. To add a title to your post click on the long thin box which sits on your blogs content.

Adding headings is a little more difficult, to add headings you need to change your post view from Visual to Text. Now write your heading like normal then add <h3> at the front of your heading and </h3> at end of your heading.  Now click back to visual mode and you’re heading will now be larger.

In total there are six different headings you can use. You can use all the Headings expect the H1 as this is usually used for the title of your post automatically.

Here are all the headings each with examples:

<h1>H1 Heading</h1>

<h2>H2 Heading</h2>

<h3>H3 Heading</h3>

<h4>H4 Heading</h4>

<h5>H5 Heading</h5>
<h6>H6 Heading</h6>

Having titles and headings will help search engines like Google read your site better. Which will help your posts rank higher in Google.

Inserting images and adding featured images

Give your post some visual magic by adding images into your post. Click on the add media button and then drag and drop your image and it will be uploaded withing seconds. Once your image is uploaded add a title and some alt text so it can be found on Google images, you need to add captions or a description it’s totally up to you. When you’re done adding information to your image click insert into post and your image will added to your post.

To re-size the image,re-arrange how the text goes around the image or add a link to the image, just click on the image in the post then the top left of the image they’ll be a small picture of a mountain which will give you all the settings for that image.

Adding a featured image is also very simple, in the right column  they’ll be a box saying Featured Image just click set featured image and choose an appropriate image that matches your post.

Screenshot below shows an orange arrow pointing to where to edit your image.write a blog post with WordPress How to write a blog post with WordPress? hcAsK5xs5RRGmR7UJQQ7kxkhely9PQ8XmFtazImdtYXiNhVvZZWte2rPbP4TT0hiJAA1fqZaD1E6yKKuqV4 jK2cgOBKmNU4DiqSnRW7g12A8PvKfTwFE0wSrw

Adding links into your Post

You can either copy and past the full URL into your post for example, or you can add links to words and images. To add a link just highlight a piece of text or click any image then at the top of the post they’ll be a button which looks like  a chain, click on the button and add your full URL which includes http://.

Here’s a screenshot of how I linked the word links in the above paragraph, it shows that I’ve highlighted my word and now I’m going to click on the link button which is pointed to by the blue arrow.write a blog post with WordPress How to write a blog post with WordPress? HNdbC S13vfKlTm1IbDUlZ8zWfbn I5ZQSuzELceaLXrOjCTuLgyI2gn0KGL2dWY5nxay 7ehlNZG57nPVYnvESKZGeVC3kk6D8WkTYIEqLC5 Iq4NSMz0EAZg

Checking for Spelling and Grammar

So you’ve just finished writing your post now’s the time to check for spelling and grammar. Firstly read through your post yourself and make any alterations along the way, once finished click on the WordPress spell check button (ABC ✓) this will check your post for spelling.

Poor spelling and grammar is one of the biggest turn offs to readers, make sure you’ve read your post a couple of times and if you can send it to a colleague to quickly read through then they spot some mistakes you haven’t found.

Adding tags and Categories

Tags and categories help your readers and search engines to understand what your page is about. Most WordPress themes showcase both the tags and the category within your post.

To add a tag in the right column they’ll be a box named Tags add some words that are about your post by adding a comma after each word to separate them.

Categories makes it super easy for your reader to find more posts about the same topic they’re reading. Like tags the categories are located in the right column, if you haven’t added any categories yet then add some. Now pick a category which your post suites best, you can choose more than one category if you wish.

Previewing your post

To preview your post so you know exactly what it will  look like on your website before publishing, click on the preview button which sits above the publish button. Previewing your post helps you to see if you should make any changes or alterations to improve your post.

How and Why you Schedule your Blog Posts ?

Scheduling your blog posts makes them go live when you decide. This is fantastic as some days you may feel like writing five or six posts while other days you struggle to write one. Scheduling your posts will help you to be consistent to your readers.  Scheduling can also help you publish at the best times when most of your readers will read your content rather than missing out on it.

Scheduling blog posts are dead simple, just above the publish button WordPress will give some other options, you want to change publish  immediately by clicking the edit button this will open up a some dates for you to schedule your post for. You’ll now notice the publish button will change to a schedule button. If you want to change your mind and publish straightaway then change the publishing time to your current time.

Editing old posts

You’ve just found a statistic on an old blog post to be incorrect how do you amend it?  If you’re logged into your WordPress then just head to the post you wish to edit and you’ll see the WordPress toolbar giving you different options one of them will be to edit your post.

Below is an example of a post on my blog I’m about to edit:write a blog post with WordPress How to write a blog post with WordPress? YKzszDJ4FQWpv uXlubIubktTT4oFDkL0knC0HDksVQDxlE2pRUsNed4ifwa4le8DnbqOg0927nnqEq3 ezvMkboQWNz2AMofhOcsmoLCVyLNqrmSYLBn1F4wA


Blogging is a fantastic way for your business to be found on search engines and something awesome to share on your social channels. Whether you’re blogging about a charity run or giving away an item WordPress makes it very easy for your business to publish and get noticed online.

Bookmark this page so if you ever get stuck you can come back to it.

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