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Freebie Friday: Top 10 WordPress Plugins for your Business Blog

Shane Atkins 4 years ago


I love using WordPress it’s quick and easy and there are hundreds of thousands of plugins to pick and choose from. As there are  lots of free WordPress plugins out there I thought I would share with you my top ten free plugins for business blogs.


1. SEO Yoast

Are you a complete beginner to SEO? Then this plugin is an absolute must. SEO Yoast will help you optimize any post or page for the search engines, by giving you a traffic light on how well your text is optimized for search engines. The feature it has is telling you  how to improve your text to optimize it better.  As well as optimizing pages and posts I like that I can easily change the meta description for my blog.

Shane Atkins

2. Akismet

This little plugin helps fight spam comments on your blog. It’s incredibly powerful and if you blog regularly I would highly advise you install,  as it will save you from deleting spam comments later on. Akismet has been a lifesaver for my blog it’s helped me prevent over 2,000 spam comments in the last 6 months  alone.

Akismet Plugin

3. W3 Total Cache

Is your blog running slow? Are you losing customers or subscribers because of your speed? W3 Total Cache is a great tool that helps to reduce the load time of your blog  “by increasing server performance, reducing the download times and providing transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration.” The plugin features tons of options for you to play around with to optimize your blog better.


4. 404 Redirect

This plugin is more important for regular bloggers, it helps you find any dead links on your posts or pages they email you when they find one.  The tool also gives you the option to make any link redirect to anywhere you like. 404 Redirect includes some interesting statistics about how many people were referred via your redirect.  As know one knows when a link will become dead it’s advised you install this plugin as it can affect your SEO ranking having dead links.


5. Disqus Commenting System

By far this is the best free commenting plugin out there. Your readers can comment with either their social profile or by inserting their name manually. Your readers can easily reply with each others comments and vote on the ones they like. I love the simple design of Disqus. Do you like the look it it?

Disqus Commenting

Example of Disqus Commenting System

6. Thank me later

A great plugin to get more comments on your blog. When someone comments on your blog they’ll receive an email within 5 minutes, a day or even a week  reminding them to return to your blog to see if anyone’s replied to their comment. You have complete control of what the email says and when it’s sent.  Thank me later is fantastic for getting more traffic and creating more engagement on your posts.


7. Digg Digg

From the team that brought you Buffer,Digg Digg is a social sharing plugin which allows you to display all the popular sharing buttons in any order you wish in either a horizontal or vertical position. I prefer having the horizontal position as you can share my post instantly but it’s up to you where you place it.


8. Nrelate

Lower your bounce rate and keep your readers on your blog for longer with Nrelate, a plugin that display other related posts at the end of post. There are hundreds of ways to customize this plugin to match your blog and if  you or your website designer knows CSS then you get the exact look you’re looking for.

Nrelate Plugin

9. WordPress Editor Calendar

Easily see what days you’ve scheduled your posts to be published also what days you’ve published your posts on. The calendar is way of organizing  and planning future posts. You can drag and drop posts to schedule them for different days.


10.  Cookie Control

If your blog registered outside of Europe then you don’t need this plugin. But if  it’s registered in Europe then  by EU law you need to have a plugin like Cookie Control, which asks your reader if they accept that your blog stores some cookies on their computer to enhance their experience.

These are my favorites, what are some of yours?

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