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Does Your Business Need a Blog?

Shane Atkins 4 years ago

If your company’s potential clients are online, you need a blog. A blog allows you to connect with your audience and attract new clients far faster than just a website. In fact, your business will really benefit from having a blog.

9 Business Benefits of Blogging

1. Better SEO

Search engine optimization is an important part of getting your website indexed and ranked well. A blog can help boost your rankings, since you can use keywords in every post. Google also loves sites that are frequently updated.

2. Encourage social media sharing

When you post great information on your blog, people will start to share it on social media sites. This can easily go viral, driving a lot more traffic to your business.

3. Teach people about your business

Through blog posts, you can let customers know what your company philosophy is and introduce them to your amazing employees. This type of transparency  is valued by customers and will help them identify with your company.

4. It’s economical advertising

Your blog will cost next to nothing to set up and yet, it can drive more traffic than all your print ads put together. Even if you choose to outsource the writing, you’ll still be saving money.

5. Interact with your clients

Readers like to comment on blogs. You can easily respond to the comments, creating an interactive atmosphere that will make clients feel appreciated. When they know that you are paying attention, they’ll be more likely to buy from you and to spread the love.

6. Build your expertise

When you write on the same topic for months at a time, readers will see you as an expert on the topic. This is a valuable way to build trust in your company.

7. Become a resource

If you are writing good, useful content on your blog, people will turn to you when they need solutions. When they don’t know what to do, they’ll be looking to you to help them out of the problems they have. This can be a very good position to be in.

8. Share non-promotional content on social media

When you are posting on Twitter or Facebook, it can be difficult to find non-promotional information to share. A link to your blog can be the perfect solution.

9. Create awareness for your product or service

People may not know much about your product. They might not realize how they could use it and therefore, they don’t realize that they need it. Use your blog to educate them.

Getting Started

It may seem a little overwhelming to start blogging, but it’s surprisingly easy. The first things you’ll need are hosting and a domain name. Many hosting companies allow you to register your domain name through them. Check reviews of popular hosting company. Choose one that fits your needs and install WordPress.

WordPress is not the only blogging platform out there, but it does allow you to get started quickly and is very versatile. You can switch themes and add plug ins for more functionality, or you can simply start writing and worry about that part later.

Nearly every business can benefit from having a blog. The frequent updates will help potential clients find your business, which is really what business is all about.

Tom Grant is a professional blogger. He frequently writes about the benefits of blogging on marketing and small business blogs. Visit the http://www.virtualhosting.com website to learn more about hosting your blog.


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