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Small Business Tweeting: 5 Dos and Don’ts

Shane Atkins 4 years ago

Twitter is one of the greatest social networks for promoting your small business online, you can get instant feedback on your products,create a buzz,enhance relationships and most importantly get sales. With Twitter you’ll get more sales by tracking how successful your Tweets were and and growing on your performance.  In this post I go through the 5 Dos and Don’ts for small business Tweeting.


5 Dos for Small Business Tweeting

1. Thanking people that followed you.

Thank everyone that follows your business with a personally Tweet this way they can see that you are friendly,care about with the personally Tweet,an active Tweeter, appreciate their follow.

Example:  Thanks @David_Cameron for the follow I think you’re doing an amazing job as the PM. Keep the good work up!


2. Use Bit.ly to track all your links.

Bit.ly is the most powerful tool on the market to track your links so you can easliy see how many times poeple have clicked on your links. You can also see where in the world they’re from. From this information you can then see which shares are getting you more clicks and share only content which gets more traffic to your site. More targeted traffic = more sales.




3. Talk with your followers

Like you do with your friends chat with the people you’re following on a daily basis and take a keen interest in what they’re into. People like it when others take interest in them it makes them feel extra special. Your Tweet doesn’t have to be something special just chatty and engaging.


4. Ask your followers questions

Questions are the simplest and easiest way to create engagement online and in real life. Your questions should be easy for your followers to answer as the more people that answer the more people talking about your business. Any question that prompts your readers to answer will fit nicely.



5. Snap some exclusive behind the scenes

Give your followers some exclusive behind the scenes photos and videos of your business. Like I’ve said in some of the points above exclusive content makes your followers feel special (loved).  For example a bakery might do several Tweets, rolling the dough out,going into the oven and putting icing on buns. All of these Tweets will create excitement and anticipation around the buns and business.



5 Don’ts for Small Business Tweeting

1. Swearing or foul behaviour

As you don’t want to offend any potential clients/customers it’s best practice to keep your Tweets squeaky clean. So absolutely no swearing or  foul behaviour (racist,sexist etc). If you’re unsure if your Tweet is going to be offensive then ask a friend to help you decide.

2. Ignoring your mentions

Social media is a place where you go to be social. And if you aren’t chatting with people then you’re just sending out meaningless Tweets out which is spam (none of us like it). Just click on the @connect on Twitter at least once a day and respond to people’s questions and replies.

3.  Not Tweeting enough

Twitter is for the here and now, it’s instant and live. If you aren’t Tweeting enough then your Tweet will just get lost in the Twittersphere. While many Twitter “experts” debate about the number of Tweets you need to do, I believe as long as you’re Tweeting more than 10 times a day you’ll get noticed fine.

4. Not including call to actions

Call to actions are what gets your customers to buy your products. Including a call to action will increase the sense of urgency amongst your followers which will increase your traffic and sales. Twitter may be a social platform but your primary goal is to make money from it.  So everytime you would share your product or service remember to include a call to action.

5. Spelling mistakes and poor grammar

Did you know that about 8% of people that unfollowed others because of their bad spelling or grammar.  This is something to take note on. If you’re unsure on how to spell something or you think your grammar doesn’t make any sense then Google it and see the results. You can always ask a colleague to quickly check for mistakes.





You may be interested in reading Twitter’s official ebook for marketing on Twitter.

Twitter ebook

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