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A Perfect Fit: How to Pick an eCommerce Web Design Firm

Shane Atkins 4 years ago

Your website is your calling card to the world. Often, your potential clients will make up their minds about your business within the first 30 seconds of visiting the website. That means you only have a few crucial clicks to convince them that your product or service is just what they are looking for.

Finding an eCommerce web design firm that is the perfect fit for your company’s vision can make a world of difference when it comes to attracting visitors to your website and keeping them there. The web design marketplace has been growing at breakneck speeds over the past few years, giving you a lot of firms to chose from. When faced with the daunting task of choosing a firm to design your website, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

1. Consider what kind of company you have.

Think about your company in terms of both its industry and its function. Do you deal with consumer goods or professional services? Is your field highly technical or accessible to everyone? Pinpointing your industry will enable you to find a web design firm that understands your clients and knows how they want to interact with your brand. Thinking in terms of your company’s function will enable you to choose an eCommerce Design Agency that suits your brand.

2. Don’t pick and run.

Many businesses make the mistake of choosing a web design firm, telling the designer what they want and then waiting until they hear back from the designer weeks, or maybe even months, later. This could be a fatal mistake for your company’s website. Make sure that you play an active role in the web design process by frequently following up with the designer to make sure everyone is still on the same page.

This simple action ensures that you know exactly what the website looks like at all stages of its development, enabling you to steer the designer in the right direction. It is also easier for the designer to make minor adjustments along the way rather than needing to complete redo the finished website because of a small miscommunication that occurred at the beginning of the process.

3. Embrace new ideas.

Your business idea may need to change and evolve over time. This will all depend on your industry’s innovations, consumer trends and the actions of your competitors. Your web design firm should be able to help you face these challenges and maybe even propose new ideas. By staying open to suggestions and potential changes to your business plan, you can increase your chances of succeeding no matter what gets thrown your way. Choosing a web design firm that is as adaptable as you are is therefore essential.

When it is time to choose a web design firm, you can get off on the right foot by keeping these three suggestions in mind. The difference between eCommerce failure and success may depend on your knowledge of what your business is about and your active involvement in the design process and its evolution. Finding a design firm that knows how to take this journey with you will make the development process that much easier.

Shane Atkins

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